M&RS Scholarships

Ministerial and Religious Studies (M&RS) Scholarship Information

M&RS scholarships will be available for qualified ministerial candidates on the Unity Worldwide Ministries' Licensing and Ordination Path to offset some tuition costs.

Scholarship applications are due to are due to UWSI by the dates given below. Please direct your applications to Lisa Schroeder, lschroeder@unity.org by the dates given below.

M&RS Scholarship Application Due Dates:

Winter Term - Application due November 1
Spring Term - Application due February 1
Summer Term - Application due May 1
Fall Term - Application due August 8

M&RS Scholarship Application Form

Review and Award Process

A UWSI Scholarship Team will review and award M&RS scholarships. The goal is to notify recipients of scholarship awards two months prior to the start of each M&RS term.