4 for Education

4 for Education

Ensure Unity's Future by participating in 4 for Education!
Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute educates and ordains licensed Unity teachers and ministers, and offers spiritual enrichment courses for everyone!

Read a message from Rev Donna Johnson sharing about this important program.

How Do We Participate?

  1. Designate a Sunday from April 23 – May 28, 2017 to share this information with your congregation.
  2. Share the materials below with your congregation. We are providing a variety of materials for you to post on your website and Facebook page, and share in your newsletter, PowerPoint, bulletins and hallways. We have also created an uplifting video, which we suggest be shown on, or leading up to, contribution Sunday.
  3. On your designated Sunday, please share the video and/or encourage your congregation to participate in the 4 for Education campaign. We have provided an optional script for you to use when showing the video. We invite you to speak from the heart about how Unity's education program has influenced you and your path.
Materials to share

You can download the materials individually below, or download all materials at once (this "all materials" file does NOT include the video). Please share these with your ministry, and go here to contribute online.