Urban Ministry Ordination Path

Unity Worldwide Ministries Urban Ministry Ordination Path

If you seek Unity ordination and are interested in Urban Ministry, Unity Worldwide Ministries offers this ordination path:

Prerequisites to Apply:

  1. Completion of the Unity Urban Ministerial School's First Year Ministry Program or approved equivalents. (For more information contact Sandra Campbell at director@uums.online.)
  2. A High School diploma or GED
  3. Internet and email capability.
  4. One year of involvement in a Unity church.


Contact our Credentialing Coordinator, Rev Lynn O'Dell at lodell@unity.org.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions Decisions are based on an assessment of your written application, inverviews, psychological evaluation and background checks using the following categories:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Maturity
  • Empathy and Nurturing
  • Decision Making, and
  • Unity knowledge



Applicants are notified in person and by email of acceptance or redirection.



For those admitted to this path, qualification for ordination requires:

  • Graduation from the Unity Urban Ministerial School's Ministerial Readiness Program.
  • Successful completion of the Unity Urban Ministerial School's Fourth Year Internship (see below).
  • Successful completion of required UUMS Licensing & Ordination interviews administered by Unity Worldwide Ministries in collaboration with the Unity Urban Ministerial School. (Conducted in December and April/May of each year in Detroit.)

We respect and honor your call to ministry and look forward to working with you on this path.


Unity Urban Ministerial School Fourth Year Internship


  1. Graduation from Unity Urban Ministerial School Ministerial Readiness Program
  2. Admission to the Unity Worldwide Ministries Urban Ministry Ordination Path



Under the supervision of the Unity Urban Ministerial School

  1. Make application to an approved supervising minister and ministry
  2. Create a contractual agreement between the supervising minister and candidate
  3. Complete Intern Assignments administered by Unity Urban Ministerial School
  4. Participate in regular debriefs administered by Unity Urban Ministerial School


Intern Assignments

Daily Record Required

  1. Lead Worship Service Experience
    a.  Plan (1x)
    b. Give message and meditation (2x)
  2. Assist Minister
  3. Special Services–Weddings, Memorial, Christening, Holiday
    a.  Observe and perform (preferred) if possible (4x)
  4. Prayer & Meditation Activities–Spontaneous and Scheduled
    a.  Prayer Service (6x)
    b.  Healing Services (6x)
    c.  Individual Requests (6x)
  5. Teaching Adult Classes (2 six-week classes)
  6. Workshops (2x)
  7. Youth Activities
    a.  Attend/YE Training
    b.  Participate in Youth Conference
    c.  Give children's sermon (1x)
  8. Pastoral Care
    a.  Spiritual Counseling (6x) plus summary statement
    b.  Hospital/Home Visitation
  9. Day-to-Day Church Business
    a.  Board Meetings (3x)
    b.  Volunteer Coordinating
    c.  Staff Supervision
    d.  Strategic Planning Project based on church's vision statement
    e.  Oversee Public Relations/Marketing/Media Project (1x)
  10. Attend Regional/Sub-Regional Meetings.
  11. Gain Knowledge of the Unity Worldwide Ministries & Regional Services Available & Polity.
  12. Self Care


General Requirements of the Supervising Minister

  1. Be involved in successful church ministry for three (3) years.
  2. Ordained Unity minister in good standing with Unity Worldwide Ministries.
  3. Approval by Unity Urban Ministerial School.


Requirements of Ministries Hosting Interns

  1. Obtain approval by Unity Urban Ministerial School (UUMS).
  2. Be in good standing with Unity Worldwide Ministries.
  3. Be willing to work with Unity Worldwide Ministries/UUMS Credentialing Team.
  4. Honors UUMS/Unity Worldwide Ministries expectations.
  5. Ministry must be willing to support supervising minister.
  6. Ministry must be large enough to meet the intern's qualifying requirements.
  7. Must be willing to enter into a financial contract with Unity Urban Ministerial School and the intern.


Intern Evaluation

The supervising minister will:

  1. Observe and evaluate the intern in the following areas:
    a.  The intern's ministerial presence, listening skills, interpersonal skills, attitude, leadership skills, responsibility, self-discipline and maturity.
    b.  The intern's professional appearance and demeanor.
    c.  The intern's actions in the keeping of agreements.
  2. Document the hours completed by the intern.
  3. Ensure that the intern is able to participate in the areas of church ministry, as listed above.
  4. Meet with the intern each week individually.
  5. Overview and evaluate projects and/or activities the intern is participating in or observing.
  6. Complete an evaluation of the intern. The supervising minister is to share this information with UUMS and Unity Worldwide Ministries at appropriate intervals using the form provided by UUMS.
  7. Complete an evaluation about the supervision experience using the form provided by UUMS.