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The wait is over! See the Leadership & Ministry Development Resource Guides that were field-tested in the Transformation Experiece program.


What was the Transformation Experience (TE)?            

The Transformation Experience was a webinar and field-testing program of a whole-ministry process designed to support spiritual communities in taking their next steps in embracing their potential and living it authentically and powerfully. It included four years of webinars (Enlightened Leaders), focusing on various aspects of leadership development and a field-testing program with ten Unity spiritual communities. The program was completed in 2015 with the release of seven Leadership & Ministry Development Resource Guides.

The information on this webpage gives a history of the program and its various components. To see more about the Leadership & Ministry Development Resource Guides, please go to The guides are free to all Unity Worldwide Ministries' members (ministers and ministeries). UWM members should request a password  to access the free downloads or they are available on our Shop (Downloads) for $29.95 each.



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Convention 2012:
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TE Pilot Churches Experiences
Unity Church of N. Idaho (now known as Unity Spiritual Center of N. Idaho)
Unity of Melbourne
Unity of NW Indiana
Unity on the River 

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Leadership & Ministry Development Resource Guides
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Support Materials from the Enlightened Leaders Program:

Season 3 DVD/CD Set, Item #5203 -     Purchase - $19.95

New! "Best-of" DVD Set, Leadership Development Enlightened Leaders Program DVDs, #5210  $29.95
(Replaces the individual season sets. Contains materials for use with the Leadership Development Resource Guide.



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UWM members request password and instructions to access free downloads of Guides.




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