Training and Credentialing

Certified Spiritual Educator (CSE) Program

Are you new to youth ministry or interested in deepening your skills?

Becoming Certified

This program of study provide an individual with a more comprehensive background in youth ministry and an opportunity to serve in a deeper way.

The Certified Spiritual Educator program is the first-level of certification for those serving the youth of our Unity Movement.

It focuses on preparing volunteers and leaders in creating quality ministry for young people. It consists of:

  1. Participation at our National Youth & Family Ministry Training (held every summer)
  2. Completing 10 Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE) Courses
    • SCS 100  Overview Hebrew Scriptures
    • SCS 110  Overview Christian Scriptures
    • SCS120   Jesus Teachings
    • SPD 100  Unity Prayer
    • SPD 105  Meditation Practices
    • HTS 125  Twelve Powers
    • HTS 100  Foundations of Unity
    • HTS 140  History of New Thought & Unity
    • 2 of the 4 Metaphysics Courses
      • HTS 105  Metaphysics 1
      • HTS 110  Metaphysics 2
      • HTS 115  Metaphysics 3
      • HTS 120  Metaphysics 4
  3. Have two years teaching experience in Unity youth ministry
  4. Recommendations from Youth Minsitry Director or Board Member, Ministry, Regional Education Consultant and Friend
  5. Background Check
  6. Observation and evaluation during the teaching of a children's or class
Getting Started

To begin the CSE program, contact the CSE corrdinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries, Diane Venzera, for an enrollment application or for more information. You can also download the the information here:

National Youth Ministry Training Week

The National Youth & Family Minsitry Training Week is a national training for Unity youth ministry teachers, leaders, sponsors and directors and is a 40-hour integrated study that explores who are young people are today and how their spiritual journey can be empowered by Unity teachings and our Unity communities. Questions to consider:

  • How is the power of story about to unlock and unleash the potential within each child or teen?
  • What questions live within the learner?
  • How do we use facility, staffing and programming to create dynamic, emergent ministry for young people?

Join us as we adventure into:

  • Faith development and our image of God
  • Life issues and Unity principles for thriving
  • Lessons that come alive through story, quesitons and activities
  • Sacred safety practices
  • Bible and metaphysics for young people
  • Teen empowerment


Licensed Unity Teacher Specializing in Youth and Family Ministry (LUT)

Licensed Unity Teacher is a spiritual course of study and licensure. It builds upon the CSE program, adding the administrative and pastoral care components for leadership in youth and family ministry, as well as deepening one’s understanding in Unity principles and teachings.


Youth and Family Minister

This is a path is currently under development.  Information will be provided as soon as it is ready.