Thriving in Unity 2.0

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The 12 benchmarks in the Thriving in Unity 2.0 focus on:

Raising Consciousness—Contains all efforts devoted to developing the inner self through spiritual insights. For organizations, this area represents the consciousness of the leadership team of that organization, both as individuals and as a group.

    Benchmark 1: Convention and Regional Participation
    Benchmark 2: Leadership Development
    Benchmark 3: Practice of Thriving Prosperity Program


Shifting Culture—This quadrant focuses on the inner experience we have as a group, or our culture. It is how we define ourselves as a group (our attitudes and beliefs). Each ministry has its own unique culture and as does our Association as a whole.

    Benchmark 4: Connect With the World of Unity on the Web
        Scavenger Hunt PDF 
    Benchmark 5: Develop Ministry Core Values
        Develop Core Values for Your Ministry PDF


Building Community—Here is where we find all efforts that enhance our relationships through the program and organizational structures we create. Conversely, the health of our programs and organizations is deeply impacted by the attitude and beliefs of the cultural quadrant. Intentionally developing these programs and structures improves the overall health of your community, adding deeper spiritual dimension to your ministry.

    Benchmark 6: Assess Your Youth and Family Program
        Youth and Family Ministry Assessment
    Benchmark 7: Increase Your Small Group Activity
    Benchmark 8: Expand Your Spiritual Social Action Activities
        Earthcare Option 1 Forms
    Benchmark 9: Deepen Your Practice of Living and Being Peace


Developing the Organization—The quadrant devoted to developing the organization is the upper right. It contains all efforts focused on developing the outer expression of the consciousness found in the first quadrant. It is measurable and tangible. For individuals, this would be the body. For ministries, this area represents the operational aspects of your work.

    Benchmark 10: Connect Your Congregants to Convention and
        Regional Meetings
    Benchmark 11: Assess Basic Finance and Accounting Practices
    Benchmark 12: Enhance Your Sunday Services

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Additional Support Materials

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