Thriving in Unity

Are you ready to thrive?

When you reflect on the life of your spiritual community, are you thriving? Is there more than enough—energy, creativity, enthusiasm, expertise, money, volunteers? We are dedicated to helping Unity ministries become all that they can be. The Thriving in Unity and the Practice of Thriving programs are designed to assist with practical steps to:

  • Welcome new congregants.
  • Enhance your presence through ready-to-use resources for Sunday services, adult classes, Web and community presence.
  • Increase prosperity.

By raising consciousness, developing your organization, shifting culture, and building community you can begin to thrive; begin the following programs at any time. To begin any of these programs just click and download materials.


Thriving in Unity 1.0—This program provides 12 benchmarks designed to help ministries and individuals thrive. Included is a complete church program along with ample materials and resources to accomplish each step. Individuals not currently connected to a ministry can use these materials for independent study.

Thriving in Unity 1.0  program information and support materials.



Thriving in Unity 2.0—The benchmarks for this program span the four developmental areas of a ministry. Leading-edge research shows that when individuals and organizations are consciously developing across all four quadrants, we are better able to be aligned with, and serve from, our highest purpose more efficiently and effectively.

Thriving in Unity 2.0 program information and support materials.



Practice of Thriving 1.0—Benchmark 10 of the above program is also a stand-alone program which helps us understand how to thrive in relation to our financial prosperity. Practice of Thriving 1.0 is based on Edwene Gaines' book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and offers a board study, a congregation study, sermon ideas and messages for your church newsletter.

Practice of Thriving 1.0 program information and support material.



Practice of Thriving 2.0—Benchmark 3 of the above program is also a stand alone program based on Eric Butterworth's book Spiritual Economics. Practice of Thriving 2.0 aims to support you and your ministry in opening fully to divine abundance. With both board and congregational components, your ministry can step fully into demonstrating prosperity laws in action.

Practice of Thriving 2.0 program information and support materials.



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