Thriving Ministry Model

Strategies for creating thriving, coherent and integral ministries

For ministers, board members, lay leaders, practitioners, licensed teachers and led by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons, the Thriving Ministry Model is a new paradigm for church growth and development. Based on the Integral theory of Ken Wilber, this new model emphasizes a movement from the pastor/flock model to a community/mission centric model of ministry.

The focus of the seminar is on growing the consciousness and numbers of those who are committed to the well-being of the church, starting with those already in the pews. When more of a ministry's congregants become committed to the well-being of their church, the result is an increase of energy and resources. Participants will grow in their understanding of how the church operates from a systemic and cultural perspective, and will learn how to create new ways to strengthen the ministry. Topics include:

  • An integral approach to church growth and development.
  • How church size and type eclipse growth strategies.
  • How leaders can move from parenting to partnering to support healthier interpersonal dynamics.
  • The three congregations in every ministry and their unique attributes.
  • Growing ownership, consciousness and organizational coherence.
  • Dismantling the pastor/flock paradox.

Download the PowerPoint presentation and then watch the Thriving Ministry Model Workshop Videos.  *This video workshop fulfills Benchmark 2 of Thriving In Unity 1.0


Materials for Practice of Thriving

Materials for Thriving in Unity

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