Spokane WA Minister

Posted 10/5/22
Unity Center of Divine Love & Light
4123 E. Lincoln Rd.  
Spokane, WA 99217
Category: Full-Time
Average Sunday Attendance: 27
Salary:  $42,000 - $47,000   
Moving Expenses Paid: TBD
    We are a joyous congregation with a family-like appreciation for each other, dedicated to “Touching Hearts and Transforming Lives.”
    We are a faith-based ministry, bringing the love of God to our world, and doing the work God leads us to do.
    We embrace diversity. We come from many different paths and believe in Unity principles and other philosophies.
    We are committed to providing Sunday service and other activities that educate and celebrate.
    Our dynamic music ministry is a valuable part of our Sunday service.
    Unity Center of Divine Love & Light is a faithful, loyal, generous, and loving congregation.
    Our church building is a beautiful geodesic dome in the midst of trees, grass, wildflowers, and wildlife. Together, we are home!
To apply, please send your resume to:  EmploymentAssistance@unity.org.
Click the link below to view the full Church Packet.
The contact information and financials will be sent upon request to qualified applicants.