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Small Group Ministry

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Did you know that we have easy-to-use, interactive, 7-week Small Group Ministry Resources for you?

What is a Small Group Exploration?

A small group study is an intentional gathering of usually not more than 12 people, who come together regularly to explore specific spiritual themes. Each exploration unit is designed to last for seven sessions, meeting once a week.

What is the spiritual basis for Small Group Exploration?


What are the benefits of Small Group Ministry?


How is the small group meeting structured?

Each session is designed for a meeting of one and one-half hours, not including refreshments. If your group chooses to serve some, doing so before or after the designated meeting time is highly encouraged rather than during the content exploration. Below is the recommended schedule:

The Gathering Discovery and Exploration Caring and Closing
15-20 minutes 35-55 minutes 15-25 minutes
Welcome, check-in
& community building
Explore theme through story
& creative expression
Prayer requests & prayer

"The Small Group Ministry at Unity North Atlanta Church ranks right up there with our Music Ministry and Youth & Family Ministry as one of the most important ministries at our church....

"We believe that small groups are where true ministry and true community is built. And the major strategy for growing our church revolves around growing our Small Group Ministry."

—Rev. Bill Worth (retired)
formerly at Unity North Atlanta Church, Marietta, Ga.


What are the basic elements of each session?


How are the discussion questions designed and why?

The questioning strategy follows our Living Curriculum philosophy. These questions offer the group an opportunity to share their own personal stories both factually and from their hearts. This deepens their sense of community in the process.


What are the roles and responsibilities of the group?

The effectiveness of the small group increases as each person assumes responsibility for the experience that is being created.

Each Participant

  • Keeps group agreements, i.e. confidentiality, being on time, etc.
  • Participates fully, i.e. listens intently, shares as comfortable, engages in activities of the group, approaches each session with an open mind and heart.
  • Holds the prayer consciousness with the rest of the group, in and between meeting times.

Action Plan for a Small Group Ministry