Important things to remember:

  • Click "Convention Registration" button on the convention home page.
  • Fill out registration completely. (You cannot go back into your registration.)
  • Select your meal preference. (Two meals are included in your convention registration.)
  • Fill out how you want your name to read on your name tag.
  • Convention hotels are by nature cold. Dress in layers.



Annual Summit Discount: Jan 1-Feb 28, 2019    $550 USD

Regular Registration: Mar 1- May 31, 2019        $595 USD

On-Site Registration                                        $650 USD      

Wholesale Exhibitor Registration                      $495 USD       

Retail Exhibitor Registration                             $695 USD       


Daily Registration

Full Day registrations include meals

Monday       $75 USD  - Opening reception and opening session

Tuesday       $225 USD -  General session, keynote, luncheon, 2 workshops and movie night

Wednesday  $225 USD  - General session, keynote, memorial service, regional meetings, and workshops

Thursday      $85 USD - Business meeting, Board Q&A, prosperity talks, 1 workshop plus banquet

Friday           $75 USD - General session, keynote, and passing of the gavel

Worldwide Welcome lunch   $35

Banquet Ticket                     $50


Convention Refund Policy

Attendees will receive 75% refund of their total registration through February 16, 2019, close of business (COB) 5 p.m. (CT). After that date, there is a 50% refund through April 15, 2019, (COB) 5 p.m. (CT). After April 15, 2019, cancellations are non-refundable. Your refund request must be in writing to Unity Worldwide Ministries’ office to Please note registrations are non-transferable from person to person or from year to year. Note: No one can register for convention without clicking on the registration form that they have read the refund policy.

Don't forget to make your hotel reservation!