Publication Inclusion Policy

The Path Publication Inclusion Policy

The Path: Supporting You and Your Spiritual Community contents include:
  • Items that have a scope of interest that is regional or national.
  • One-time training events that would be of benefit to Unity credentialed leaders and requested by a Unity ministry.
  • Events presented by a person employed by a region, and playing a role in our movement.
  • Information about Unity credentialed leaders' work including:
    • books published within the current or prior year
    • media presentations (i.e. large broadcasts) and ways they are sharing information with the public beyond a Sunday morning pod cast.
  • Announcement of new ministries once they are approved.
  • Announcement of minister retirement and major ministry anniversaries.

Insertion is a benefit provided for members of our Unity movement who are in a tithing relationship with Unity Worldwide Ministries. If not in a tithing relationship, an insertion fee of $30 USD applies. Use the Donate button at the top of our website and designate it "for Path book announcement."

If you have an item to be considered for inclusion, please send info of 70 words or less including contact information to