Posi Music Festival

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A letter of invitation to the 2019 Posi Music Festival


Greetings Unity and New Thought Ministries,

emPower Music & Arts offers an extensive list of church music services and resources to help you strengthen your music ministry. Included in this is the Posi Music Festival, an annual international conference for people interested in New Thought music.

Sue Riley, Richard Mekdeci, Melinda Wood Allen and Russ Hammock bring over 100 combined years of experience and history in Unity, New Thought, and church music ministry into our work at emPower. We are truly dedicated to the growth of our music and our movement.

Besides making available the newest music and music resources on our website throughout the year, we present the Posi Music Festival to offer the ultimate experience for your music director and music team. All of the educational workshops and resources you’ve enjoyed from the 10+ years of Sound Connections (formerly presented by UWM) are combined with the fun and excitement of emPower’s yearly music festival featuring nightly concerts, meet and greets, communal meals and the Annual Posi Music Awards. And we are privileged to have UWM as a proud sponsor of this event.

(Richard) Having recently returned to the arena of field music ministry (Unity Renaissance in Chesapeake, VA – Rev Paula Mekdeci, Sr Minister ), I have experienced first‐hand the importance of staying connected with other music ministers, having access to the latest Posi and New Thought music resources, and keeping my skills honed in areas of copyright, choir, producing special events, self‐care, booking guest artists, song leading, technology and numerous other skills.

The yearly Posi Music Festival is a must do for your entire music team:

  • If you are serious about having a thriving dynamic music ministry.
  • If you believe compatible, high quality music is an important part of your center’s ministry.
  • If you have a music director who is not familiar with our movement’s music, and the artists who make it, or is new to the New Thought movement in general.
  • If you wish for your music team to get a first‐hand experience of the power of Positive Music from the artists and songwriters who are creating it.
  • If you wish for your music team to get to meet and possibly book those artists at your church.
  • If you wish for your music team to return to your ministry energized, enthusiastic and equipped with all the latest music.

Group rates are available for 3 or more people from the same church.

Information for this year's Festival is now available. 

Peace and blessings for this year.

Richard Mekdeci, Sue Riley and Russ Hammock, emPower Music & Arts


Posi(Tive) Music Festival, March 28-April 1, 2019, at the Westshore Grand in Tampa, Florida

(Sound Connections Music Conference is concurrent with PosiFest for 2019)

For more information or to register, visit the emPower Music Arts website.


Posi(Tive) Music Festival in Tampa, Fla., will offer lots of great workshops for your Music Ministry!

Sponsored in part by Unity Worldwide Ministries, emPower Music Arts presents this year's Sound Connections experience as part of their Posi(Tive) Music Festival.


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