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1058 Conciencia de Prosperidad y Diezmo Nuestro más reciente folleto, escrito por el Revdo. James Gaither, es Conciencia de Prospridad y... $0.35
1031 I Wish pew cards This card folder, size 3 by 4 1/2 inches, is prepared for use by your congregation. It provides an... $0.10
1034 Now That You Are Home From The Hospital An affirmation of health and continuing prayer is contained in the text on the back. This is... $0.10
1033 Now That You Are In The Hospital A printed blessing and assurance  for those who have entered a hospital is contained in the text on... $0.10
1062 Partnering With Spirit  The Partnering With Spirit: Being One with Our Source replaces the brochure A New Look at a Divine... $0.22
1044 Prayer & Counseling Ministry This pamphlet is suitable for handout or display and provides information for persons seeking... $0.15
1057 Prosperity Consciousness and Tithing - English This booklet, written by Rev James Gaither, is Prosperity Consciousness and Tithing. It looks at... $0.35
1037 Something Special You Can Do Prepared especially for those who are seeking to make a gift to their Unity center or to Unity... $0.10
1060 The Future of Unity Ministries: And What We Can Do To Help Them Grow This booklet by Glenn R. Mosley, gives insight into the 'first timer' experience and what every... $0.25
1046 To Proselytize or to Invite? That is the Question This pamphlet discusses the nature and methods of inviting seekers to attend Unity worship services... $0.10