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6917 5 Basic Principles poster A varnished, matte finish, 18 x 24 inch poster that states Unity's basic principles in today's... $3.50
6914 5 Basic Principles wallet card The 5 basic Unity principles adult format made into a convenient wallet card. Related Items5 Basic... $0.45
1115 Creating a Life of Prayer Come explore the power of affirmative prayer! Many aspects of the prayer process are experienced,... $5.95
1116 Creative Living This seven-week small group ministry booklet helps participants rediscover, claim, and express... $7.95
1117-DL Cultivating God Mind through Parables A seven-week study for Small Group Ministry that:  Facilitates self-exploration into the deeper... $5.95
1111-DL Knowing the Truth about Healing This small group guide invites participants to explore and experience many aspects of healing,... $5.95
1114-DL Living an Abundant Life God is good and God is unlimited. So how does God show up as unlimited Good in our lives?  This... $5.95
1112 Meeting Myself in the Bible Use of the Bible in Unity churches is commonplace, but how frequently do attendees actually open a... $5.95
1113-DL Proving the Power of Principle Unity's five basic principles are a roadmap to living a life grounded in an awareness of God. This... $5.95
1109-DL Small Group Ministry Guide This terrific, affordable resource is a must-have, how-to for small group ministry. It: describes... $25.95