Next Generation Unity FAQs

Here's How NGU Works

Q: Is Next Generation of Unity (NGU) young adult ministry an official organization within the Unity movement?

A: Yes, it is. There are consultants employed by some regions to assist you in joining or setting up a group. To contact the consultant for your area, or any other consultant, visit the Next Generation Unity page.

Q: Am I required to attend a Unity church to attend NGU events or meetings?

A: You are certainly encouraged to, but under no circumstances is it a requirement to attend a Unity ministry. Also, you do not have to attend a NGU group to be able to go to a NGU retreat or event. Events are open to anyone who feels called to attend.

Q: Do I have to be from the hosting region to go to that region's retreat?

A: Absolutely not. All retreats and conferences are open to all NGUers who would like to attend.

Q: Is NGU only for former Youth of Unity (YOU) teen ministry members?

A: No, that seems to be a common myth. We welcome any and all. We are geared toward serving the 18 to 35ish crowd. Many NGUers will fit in one or more of these categories:

Previous YOUers
Young families
Raised with Unity teachings
People looking for a non-traditional, spiritual community
New to Unity after the age of 18
YOU sponsors/junior sponsors

Q: How are regions set up with NGU?

A: For those who were in YOU, this may sound familiar. The regions are as follows:

  • Eastern
  • Great Lakes
  • Northwest
  • South Central
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • West Central

To get further information as to what region your area is in, check the map or contact one of the NGU consultants.


Q: What if I have a spouse or significant other who is not in Unity, can they come with me to a retreat? What about kids?

A: A spouse or significant other is certainly welcome to come along. If they are not there to join in spiritually, then we kindly ask that they do not take away from those that are there for spiritual reasons. When it comes to kids, it is always wise to ask the retreat planner(s) what accommodations they have for children. Usually, if informed ahead of time, accommodations for children are happily made.

Q: How do you support both 18-year-olds and 35-year-olds? Aren't they in different places in their lives?

A: What do 18 and 35-year-olds have in common? It's simple ... life. Real life─whether it be voting for the first time, getting married, having your first child, higher learning, or military service. This is the age range when many of these things happen for most people. This is the beginning of our adult spiritual path. Being "freshmen" in the school of life is a big thing to have in common.

Often there are questions about the age range of NGU. Over time it has become clear that, in general, the 18-35ish range works. Having a variety of age ranges, as well as a variety of backgrounds, makes the group more interesting and provides the opportunity for mentorship.

Generally: We find that the youngest people in the group, those in their early 20s, are mainly in a place of receivership. They are often very busy with school, work, and life. While they will come to NGU meetings, they often do not have time to commit to the organizational aspects of the group.

Those in their mid and later 20s are usually gaining more stability in their lives and may have more time to commit to organizing an NGU group. As they are committing at a deeper level to NGU, there might also be a desire to become more involved and committed to the church community, possibly as a prayer chaplain or board member.

NGUers in their early 30s have often become strong leaders of the group. They can be intentionally training others in the group for leadership while stepping into greater involvement in the church and region.

Q: I do not have a "chapter" of NGU at my church, or even in my area, what can I do to start one?

A: Contact one of the NGU consultants.


Note: NGU groups must be connected to, and supported by, a Unity church, a Unity minister, and/or a licensed Unity teacher.