National YFM Training

The National YFM Training

The National Youth & Family Ministry Training is designed for Unity youth ministry teachers, leaders, sponsors, and directors. It is a study that explores who our young people are today and how their spiritual journeys can be empowered by Unity teachings and our Unity communities. How is the power of story able to unlock the potential within each child? What questions live within the learner? How do we use our facility, staffing, and programming to create dynamic ministry for young people? 

The program is made up of multi-week trainings using Blackboard & Collaborate, webinars using Collaborate, and self-directed microlearnings. The trainings & webinars are offered throughout the year.  

Online Trainings

Leading & Guiding a YFM Program (3-Session Training)
This resource-rich course will focus on how to create and sustain a thriving and engaging youth ministry program. Whether the program is onsite, online, or a combination of both, learners will gain insights into the tools and components needed to build a program, develop effective leaders, and honor the learning and developmental needs of all.

Help Us Soar: Teen Ministry in Action (3-Session Training)
This course will offer insight into teen spiritual development, community, program structure, and how to empower our teens as they continue their spiritual growth and develop and express their identity as spiritual beings. Each session will provide practical tools for creating and sustaining your teen ministry program.


Self-Directed MicroLearning

Creating a Healthy Brain-Based Learning Environment
This self-paced mini-training is an interactive exploration on how to recognize the three structures or states of the triune brain and to develop simple strategies that will assist in creating a healthy brain-based classroom environment for children and teens. 

The Sunday Morning Experience
Our Sunday morning youth ministry programs are designed using Unity’s A Living Curriculum philosophy, which seeks to draw the lesson from the learner through experiences, stories and creative expression. During this time of social distancing and virtual meetings, we have many new experiences to draw from. This training will explore how to create lessons that engage those attending an onsite and/or an online YFM program.

Using Multiple Intelligence to Engage Learners
This self-directed training shares information about using multiple intelligence to engage learners in a way that taps into the unique strengths and learning preferences of each individual. Also included are activites for each intelligence that can be used in a classroom setting. There is a self-assement at the end in order to test knowledge.

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Registrations for the trainings will occur throughout the year, beginning in January 2021 and can be found here.

For more information please contact Diane Venzera or 816-434-6837.