National Schools for Unity Leaders Outside the U.S.


To provide Unity students overseas the same educational opportunities without traveling to USA


To make Unity teachings through the different educational programs available to individuals for personal development and to Unity students in their goal to become accredited as licensed Unity teachers and Unity ministers.


The Unity National School Outside the United States (UNS) is a not-for-profit organization, financially and organizationally autonomous, independent from ministries (churches/groups/centers) or individuals. It is managed by an elected educational council in the country. The UNS is affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries (a.ka. the Association of Unity Churches, Inc.)  in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA., and the Association of Unity Leaders and Ministries in the country.


Information is available for becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher or Minister outside the United States.


Unity National School Outside the United States


Australia/New Zealand
LUT Ros Goldsbrough




Rev. Josefina Obando, Director 


Dominican Republic
Rev. Juliana Diaz Montes De Oca -



Rev. Peter Westerholz, Chair


LUT Joy Wong, Director


Rev. Anyaele Dike Ebi, Director

Pacific Rim
Rev. Margie Hyatt, Director


Puerto Rico
Rev. Esther Mantilla, Director


United Kingdom
Rev. Linda Dawson, Director

International Sponsorship

Are you interested in sponsoring a student to attend our International Ministerial Program? Read more here.