My Estate Manager

What to do when someone dies?

Nearly 3 million American families will struggle with losing a loved one this year and another 5 million will be informed that a death is impending—but most don't have any idea what to do next. Although inevitable, many families are never completely prepared for this emotional and life-changing event when it actually occurs. So when a member of your congregation loses a loved one this year, will you be ready to help?

Would you like to:
  • Simplify the lives of congregants—all of whom will face the transitioning of a loved one?
  • Prepare families through proper planning?
  • Be remembered as providing support through a difficult time?

That's why Unity Worldwide Ministries offers MyEstateManager—a free service.







What can MyEstateManager do for my congregation?

This sponsored web resource attaches to your church's website. This unique service includes:
  • A step-by-step guide that explains what to expect, what to do—and when.
      - anyone over age 21 should have a plan in place should something unforeseen occur
      - for families facing a "terminal condition" of one of its members
      - for those left behind  to manage the challenges that follow life transition
  • Resources for organizing one's affairs - automated checklists and more
  • Memorials that pay tribute to congregants recently deceased.

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Make a difference for your congregation.

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