Ministry Tithing

Keep Our Unity Movement Strong: Give to the Core

Reflect for a moment on the difference Unity has made in your life. Think about the passion, excitement and inspiration you receive through our teachings and through your spiritual community. Others, like you, long for the comfort of a spiritual path and for spiritual communities to support them. Consider the difference Unity teachings and thriving Unity spiritual communities can make for those who are seeking. Does it inspire you to support our Unity movement?

The Multiple Layers of Unity

The core of the Unity movement consists of two partner organizations providing services that can't be done at a local level, such as: create a unified identity, provide leading-edge leadership training and international convention, support international growth and expansion, provide an international 24-7 prayer line (Silent Unity) and publications such as Daily Word. These foundational services are created by Unity Worldwide Ministries, which supports Unity leaders and spiritual communities, and Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village.
The next layer of our movement is our regional leadership. Regional boards create services and support for Unity ministries and leaders in nine geographical areas in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
The next two layers are the encompassing circumference of our Unity Movement. These layers consist of spiritual communities and engaged participants in our Unity congregations.

Supporting the Core

We thank every ministry who has given from the consciousness of love in order to support and sustain the strength of our movement, and we encourage all communities to consider giving all of your financial gifts to our Unity movement for the next year and beyond. We suggest dividing your tithe equally among:
  • Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village
  • Your local region
Take a moment and envision all of the amazing possibilities that lie ahead for Unity and all of those who can be blessed by Unity! Your intentional, focused giving of your entire financial gifts channeled into our Unity movement's core will allow us to continue to provide Unity's unique global services. This will not only support you and your spiritual community, but also allow Unity to expand and reach those desiring to tap into their unlimited potential.
Talk with other leaders in your spiritual community. Go into the silence. Are you called to give more to our Unity core?
To support Unity Worldwide Ministries
Regular, monthly contributions can be made to Unity Worldwide Ministries by calling 816.434.6813. Visit or mail contributions to Unity Worldwide Ministries, 400 Unity Circle, Suite A, Lee's Summit, MO 64086.
To support Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village
Mail contributions to Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village, 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity Village, Missouri 64065. (Please note that Silent Unity and Daily Word are part of this one organization.)
To support your local region
Regional information can be accessed here.