Ministry Resources

Ministry Leadership and Board Resources

"So then, encourage one another and build each other up, as you are doing."- I Thess. 5:11 I.S.V 
Welcome to the purpose-filled call to serve your community. It's more than governance, it's a life- curriculum of deepening community, awakening purpose and digging deeper into self- awareness. The way of authentic leadership is to encourage one another by listening and being fully present. The journey of board leadership is a call to sacred service and deepening community connection. This can be the greatest journey of the spiritual life. For more information and resources, see our Ministry Leadership and Board Resources page.


Ministry Support

When a ministry has lost the services of its minister there is a need to discern next steps based on the individual situation at each ministry. Please contact Rev. Joanne Burns for an initial discussion regarding next steps or email


Non-Traditional Ministry Resources

Unity’s Ever-evolving Kaleidoscope 

The landscape of our ministries is changing.  Many churches across all denominations are shrinking or closing all together.  The number of U.S. adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing. Just as the containers from our child hood have changed, so must the containers for our spiritual experience. For more information and resources, see our Non-Traditional Ministry Resources page.


Transitional Resources

Charles Fillmore said that “life is an ever-progressive, upward spiral of consciousness evolution.”  Ministry is about spiritual transformation and evolution and constantly places us in transition – the tender emotional space of letting go and embracing something new.  These resources support individuals and communities in engaging the process of transition intentionally, allowing them to move through transition with greater grace and ease. For more information and resources, see our Transitional Resources page.



Our Sabbatical Support Services provide information on minister sabbaticals.


Youth & Family Ministry Resources

We have gathered a variety of resources that support spiritual development in children, teens and families because we believe, as Ben Mardell and Mona M. Abo-Zena state, “To help our children and teens appreciate and understand one another, we can provide safe places for them to explore their spiritual beliefs and their differences.” 
This page contains general resources, articles, book lists, and webistes that support children's ministry.
This page contains support materials on dealing with grief, teen suicide prevention, drug use intervention and anti-bullying resources. 
As we move more fully into these virtual times, we have the opportunity to create interactive online experiences for our children. The lessons are not dependent upon connecting through a live Zoom-like session, but rather are designed to be enjoyed at any time from any place wifi is available.  The children can move through the experiences on their own as well as exploring them with their parents/guardians.
This page contains lessons that can be shared via a live video call. The content includes a link to a story being read on a Youtube video as well as a PowerPoint that can be shared during the live session. Feel free to download the PowerPoints as use them as is or add your own creativity to each one.
Resources, books, and Family Group materials can be found on this page.

Youth & Family Ministry Mini-Trainings
Microlearning consists of short training modules that are focused on a specific topic that contain the information necessary to help the learner achieve a specific objective or goal. The training modules are designed to support the growth and development of youth and family ministry programs by offering simple and effective ways to train your staff and volunteers.