Ministry Paths Calendars and Fees

Ministry Path requiring graduation from
Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

 April 15Applications due for Admissions Interview Week

1st week of July

Invitations for Admissions Interview Week mailed
Redirection letters mailed

 Last week of AugustAdmissions Interview week
  Contact for more information.
 Admission Fees:
 $575 USDApplication Fee
 $220 USDAdmissions Week Fee

Ministry Path through Field Licensing Program:

 All yearReview the Field Licensing Program Handbook, and then contact the Credentialing Coordinator at 816.434.6843 for consultation and assessment on qualifications and readiness to apply
 April 1Applications available, if eligible
 Sept. 30Applications and all supporting documents are due for March Intensive

Invitations or redirection letters for March Intensive mailed to applicants

 MarchMarch Intensive (Contact us for specific date)


Field Licensing Fees:


$575 USD

$220 USD

Application Fee

Interview Week Fee

 $1450 USD

Annual Tuition


Ministry Path in conjunction with education through
Unity Urban Ministerial School:

January 30

Applications and all supporting documents due at Unity Worldwide Ministries for Spring Admissions Interview Week

1st week of March

Invitations for Spring Admissions Interview Week Mailed

1st week in May or TBA

Spring Admissions Week

May 15

Invitation or Redirection letters mailed

Admission Fees:

$575 USD

$220 USD


Application Fee

Admissions Week Fee

Academic Demonstration for those who do not have a bachelor's degree:


Academic Demonstration Fees:
$200 USDApplication Fee