Ministerial Program Outside the United States


The International Ministerial Program is designed to provide a method of independent self-study and training for Licensed Unity Teachers to earn accreditation as licensed and ordained Unity ministers. This program, with some modifications and adjustments, also applies to ministers, pastors or priests from other denominations who are interested in becoming Unity ministers.

Committed individuals in countries outside the USA are able to do independent study through the cooperation of credentialed Unity leaders who serve as mentors and tutors. Licensed teachers within the USA who lead, or intend to lead, a ministry in a language other than English may also be eligible to apply. 

It is designed to be a two- to four-year program, depending on the circumstances, and applications are accepted once a year by October 1 at Unity Worldwide Ministries Home Office. Applications for admission are reviewed, approved or redirected by the corresponding credentialing ministry teams (English, Spanish and German). Licensing and ordination applications are also reviewed by these teams. See Orientation below.

Contact Unity Worldwide Ministries for information.
Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster
Member Services Director


Unity Worldwide Ministries welcomes your interest in a certified education on Unity teachings with the goal of serving as a Unity minister and expanding the Christ Consciousness in your part of the world.

At your request, you will receive the application manual. It contains the application as well as a brief description of the program and a list of the 20 required courses you will be expected to study.

When you have completed the application, making sure that you have answered all the questions and provided all required documentation, mail it, along with the $50 USD fee, to International Coordinator c/o (Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster)  at Unity Worldwide Ministries. She will review it to ensure that all documentation is complete and then forward it to the credentials ministry team for their decision on acceptance into the program.

If accepted, you will receive a notification letter and candidate's manual with instructions. Student will be assigned a mentor and a list of tutors. The program will be in two phases. Phase I consists of all the activities leading right up to the point of application for Licensing as Unity Minister and will include:

  • Study – 10 courses –complete one course per month recommended
  • Tutor reports
  • Reports – biannual to Association
  • Mentor contacts – a minimum of once a month
  • Seminars – retreats
  • Ministerial journal
  • Yearly silent retreat
  • Fees – all fees are to be paid in timely manner/ without prompting according to schedule provided and agreement with tutors

Phase II begins when you have been approved for licensing by the credentials ministry team and ends at your application for ordination. This phase will include:

  • Study – 10 courses
  • Tutor Reports
  • Biannual reports to Association
  • Mentor contacts
  • Yearly silent retreat
  • Community service project
  • Credo
  • Fees

This is designed to be a two- to four-year program. Licensed Unity teachers who are currently leading a group/center/ministry could complete in two years. Please note that failure to complete assigned courses and activities in the recommended time frame may result in adding a year or more to your program or a recommendation that you be dropped from the program until such time as you are able to fully commit.

It is required that you have a reliable e-mail address. Your assigned mentor and tutors will, in all likelihood, be located in other countries and e-mail is the only quick, efficient form of communication that will allow you to successfully complete this program in a timely manner.

We urge you to prayerfully consider the above and evaluate the commitment and self-motivation necessary to successfully complete this self-study program before going forward with application.

NOTE: Licensed Unity teachers residing in USA who were trained through the English-speaking SEE program will apply for the Field Licensing Program (Unity Worldwide Ministries) for their ministerial path. However, they may apply to the International Program under the following conditions:

(a)  Written request by the senior or associate minister of the Unity church that oversees their work.
(b)  Intention is to lead a non-English speaking ministry.