Member Services

Purpose Statement  

Who We Are and What We Do

Member Services is the area of Unity Worldwide Ministries that collaborates with and supports our ministries, credentialed leaders and lay leaders in the work they do of sharing the Unity message and awakening and transforming human consciousness.  
Your Member Services team is committed to embodying the above purpose statement and to serving you with compassion and excellence.  We provide supportive services for all areas of ministry.  For more information, please use the sidebar menu on the left. 
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We also invite ministry leadership to take a look at our Embracing Ministry Together guidebook.  It will support you in engaging ministry as a cohesive team working together to serve a common purpose. 
Resources to support becoming an adult educator include leading a study group using our small group ministry booklets.
Member Services is dedicated to teaming – to partnering with you in releasing the potential in your ministry.  Please contact us to brainstorm new ideas, to work through challenges, and to celebrate your successes!

"... Rev. Doug Duerr helped to guide us through ideas about successfully navigating conflict. The first step is to recognize that conflict is just part of our “life curriculum;” an opportunity to grow and to be in the flow.  Eliminating people is easy; truly navigating conflict is not.  It requires that we are not afraid of the chaos of change and that we tolerate the discomfort necessary for growth.  One great takeaway was the recommendation that Boards and Ministers need to have mutual agreements, heart agreements, and to be intentional about these.  Vulnerability-based trust is at the base of everything we do in Board, Minister and congregation relationships."  - Great Lakes Region   

"... I am writing to share the positive experience that Unity of Appleton had with our transitional minister. Our board and community was greatly strengthened through the wisdom and guidance and through the support of UWM. The board at that time was very overwhelmed and we were at a loss as to our direction. With our transitional minister's direction, we scheduled a workshop and many old feelings were processed. It was a time of great healing! I am so deeply grateful for our transitional minister and for UWM's support!"
In love and gratitude,
Lydia Singleton
Spiritual Leader
Unity of Appleton