Licensed Unity Teacher Program

Many students, as they go through the SEE (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) courses, realize that they are being called into leadership. One of the Unity leadership paths available through Unity Worldwide Ministries is the Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) path. 
This webpage will provide you with a link to the LUT Handbook, a flow chart of the LUT process, contact information, frequently asked questions, and other resources. 

Licensed Unity Teacher Applications 

LUT applications are due May 1 and August 1, each year.  You will find more information on the LUT application process in the "Entering the LUT Program" portion of the LUT Handbook.  See the handbook link below.   When you are ready to apply, click the link below in the Letter of Intent - Webform submission section  on this page. 

Licensed Unity Teacher Handbook

The LUT Handbook  is available to provide detailed information and outlines the process of entering, following, and completing the LUT path. You will find the LUT handbook provides answers to all your questions of what, why, and how. The handbook contains the following information:  On page 2 you will find a letter from Rev. Lynn O’Dell, Credentialing Coordinator, with a helpful resources list and each of the following subjects can be accessed directly from the links on page 3 - Table of Contents:
o Purpose, sponsoring minister and prerequisites
o Entering the LUT program – Letter of Intent (webform submission), application documents and sponsoring minister recommendation, psychological evaluation, and acceptance into the program 
o Leadership Courses – UWSI required courses 
o Credentialing Practicum
o Skills Demonstration Seminar
o Focus Area Descriptions
o Recommended Books for Review
o Book Review Guidelines and example
o Practice Teaching, list of texts, syllabus template and example, lesson plan template and example, and criteria for evaluating lesson plans

Letter of Intent - Webform submission

When you are ready to apply - click this link to complete and submit the webform letter of intent.  You will receive a confirmation email with links to the required application documents . 


LUT Leadership Classes 

Find more information about UWSI and the Leadership Courses under the Education > Unity Worldwide Spritual Institute tab on this website.  


Sponsoring Minister

LUT candidates must have a recomendation from a sponsoring ordained or licensed Unity minister or UWM-approved spiritual leader.  The role of the sponsoring minister is to be a mentor for the licensed teacher candidate as well as an evaluator of the candidate's teaching skills, interaction with the congregation, and readiness for a leadership position in a Unity ministry.  The sponsoring minister will work with, oversee, and sign off on each of the required practicum steps and continues in this role even after the candidate is licensed.  The licensed Unity teacher serves the Unity ministry in accordance with the mission and vision of the Unity ministry and at the direction of the minister.  Both the LUT and the sponsoring minister will need to confirm their continued relationship on the annual credentialed leaders report. 


Steps towards becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher 

Skills Demonstration Seminar (SDS)

Your SDS is the final step in the process of becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher.  Applications and non-refundable fee payments ($125.00) should be received as you near completion of  your practicum and 2 months in advance.  You will find more information and a link to the application form in your handbook.   (see link to handbook above)


Application dues June 1 for the Aug 1-4 SDS session

Applications due September 1 for the Oct 31- Nov. 3 session


Contacting Unity Worldwide Ministries' Credentialing Department

For more information about becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher, please contact Rev. Lynn O'Dell, Credentialing Coordinator, at Unity Worldwide Ministries, 816.434.6843 (direct), email Address is Unity Worldwide Ministries, 200 Unity Circle North, Suite A, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086.
For information about required classes or to get an update on your transcript, please contact our Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's Registrar at 

Updating Your Contact Information

You are required to inform us when you have a change in any of the following: address, phone number, email address, name change, change of sponsoring minister or change in sponsoring ministry. Please send this information directly to UWM's Credentialing department administrative assistant, Denise Boehm,

Receiving the E-Newsletter The Path

Please go to to sign up for this newsletter, which will help you stay informed of requirements and possible changes in this program as well as giving you access to other Unity Worldwide Ministries information.

Licensed Unity Teacher FAQs

What is the purpose of the Licensed Unity Teacher program?
The purpose of the Licensed Unity Teacher Program or LUT Path Leadership courses are to provide the Unity ministry with a leader who is equipped to serve and support a Unity minister and ministry. This program is designed to deepen your understanding of Unity principles and will enable you to be an asset to your ministry community. The use of the title of Licensed Unity Teacher is granted only to those who are affiliated with a ministry recognized by Unity Worldwide Ministries.
Who licenses Licensed Unity Teachers?
Education and licensing of Unity teachers is a joint venture between Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute and Unity Worldwide Ministries. Candidates will be working with Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, SEE Department, as they complete the required courses. They will be working with the Credentialing Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries as they complete the psychological evaluation, the Practicum (hands-on training in their ministry) and the Skills Demonstration Seminar. The Board of Trustees of Unity Worldwide Ministries approves the licensing of each candidate.
Is the Spiritual Education and Enrichment Program (SEE) part of the educational process for Licensed Unity Teacher candidates?
Yes. Licensed Unity Teacher candidates successfully complete all the courses offered in the prerequisite SEE program as well as all the required LUT Path Leadership courses. The Practicum, which is completed at the candidate’s ministry, is completed during the same time frame that the LUT Path Leadership courses are being completed. Candidates begin the Practicum work after successfully completing the psychological evaluation and being accepted into the Licensed Teacher Program.
Will my minister be involved in my training?
The role of the sponsoring minister is to be a mentor for the licensed teacher candidate as well as an evaluator of the candidate’s teaching skills, interaction with the congregation and readiness for a leadership position in a Unity ministry. The sponsoring minister continues in this role even after the candidate is licensed. The licensed Unity teacher serves the Unity ministry in accordance with the mission and vision of the Unity ministry and at the direction of the minister. The sponsoring minister must be an ordained or licensed Unity minister or a qualified and approved Unity spiritual leader.
How do I apply?
When you have completed the prerequisite SEE courses, meet with your minister to determine your Focus Area, and then send a Letter of Intent to the Credentialing Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries. If you are a spiritual leader, the name of your ministry and the date you became spiritual leader. After receipt of your Letter of Intent, the Credentialing Coordinator will provide application forms and psychologist information for you to set you your psychological evaluation.
What is a Focus Area?
You may be licensed in one of five focus areas: Adult Education, Administration, Pastoral Care, Music Ministry or Youth and Family Ministry, depending on your interests, the agreement you have made with your sponsoring minister, and the needs of your ministry. 
May I apply my previous experience to the requirements of the program?
In some cases, yes. Please work directly with the Credentialing Coordinator who will assess each request on an individual basis.

Other Resources for LUTs

Be sure to check out the Small Group Ministry resources. Teaching from these class options counts toward your credentialing.
Become a Licensed Unity Teacher outside the U.S