International Sponsorship

Ready to Sponsor an International Unity Student?

Did you know we have Unity students from around the world who reach out to UWM for assistance with the cost of education? Many of these students come from impoverished areas where a laptop is out of the question, and even the cost of Unity books could mean having to skip meals.

Historically we have done what we can, but a more effective solution has come from conversations with our International Advisory Council. That solution is an invitation for an individual or ministry to directly sponsor an international student.

Our first candidate student, Isaïe Kwambazimana, from Burundi, Africa, is looking to partner with a sponsor right now to begin his classes. See his information below.

How to Sponsor an International Student
  1. The potential sponsor (individual or ministry) reads the student’s information.
  2. If interested, the potential sponsor contacts Claudia Maltos-Young ( at UWM with any initial questions. Claudia will set up a meeting with herself, the Africa Region Representative (currently Rev. Helen Wilcox- Evwaraye), and Rev. Shad Groverland, Executive Director of UWM, to discuss more specifics.
  3. In that meeting, the Africa Region Representative will give the potential sponsor the specifics of how to set up recurring payments to their host student, how to send supplies (if applicable), as well as any other details they will need to know along the way.
  4. The sponsor commits to three years of sponsorship, the duration of the International Ministerial Path. Approved students understand that their sponsorship is for three years.
  5. Once this process begins, UWM will be there with continued support should further questions arise.
Students Seeking Sponsors

Isaïe Kwambazimana

Burundi, Africa

Sponsorship Information