Central Office Staff

Our Purpose

Develop, equip, and support Unity leaders and communities to grow in innovative, sustainable, and cutting-edge ways

The central office staff works to be your partners in ministry and to provide valuable resources to keep Unity’s spiritual communities focused and growing.
Questions? Contact us at 816-524-7414, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CT.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the central office and works to create an inspiring team environment with open communication.

Shad Groverland, President/CEO
Cathy Christy, Managing Director
Diane Venzera, Director of Services & Resources
Dana Grissom, Director of Operations

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Services and Resources

Diane Venzera, Director of Services & Resources

Services, Resources, and Event department works together to create a team environment in order to forward UWM’s purpose. Areas of responsibility include education, credentialing, expansion ministries, ministry consulting and training, member support, ministry development, ministry employment, continuing education, youth & family ministry, and events. The department is made up of the following teams:

Virtual Experiences

Areas of responsibility include creating online webinars, trainings, microlearnings, and digital resources that provide professional development opportunities for our membership; hosting both virtual and hybrid events, such as the annual convention and summit, focusing on providing a stellar viewing and participation experience that includes the personal connections that are so much a part of our events. This department also supports the growth and development of Youth & Family Ministry programs through the use of print, digital, and online resources.

Diane Venzera, Youth & Family Ministry Support
Paul Wiltz, AV Production Coordinator
Jen Dickey, Project Coordinator 
Julie Core, IYOU Event Agent
Lori Erwin-Johnson, eLearning Technologist
Brenda Hicks-Wiggins, Virtual Experiences Assistant
Diamond Coleman, Part-time Special Projects Coordinator (contract)

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

The Education team supports education that stimulates personal and collective spiritual growth and development and prepares current and future Unity leaders. Areas of responsibility include Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI), Ministerial and Religious Studies, Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE), and the Spiritual Direction program. In addition, this team supports credentialed Unity leaders teaching SEE courses for credit.

Indira Huerta, UWSI Coordinator
Rachel Gaither, Co-Enrollment Coordinator/Young Adult Coordinator (contract)
Pamela Parker, Instructional Designer (consultant)
Juli Boyd, Part-Time Enrollment Coordinator
Ray Nelson, M&RS Student and Internship Facilitator/LUT Path Facilitator
Joni Lorraine, Spiritual Direction Program Coordinator
Erin Morse, Education Assistant

Member Support

Areas of responsibility include ministry employment services; development of new and alternative ministries; ministry consulting and trainings; transitional ministry support and consulting; questions and support with regard to bylaws, policies, procedures, and ministry development; ethical questions, concerns, and complaints.

Joanne Burns, Member Support Coordinator and Consultant Team Liaison
Glenda Walden, Evolving Ministry Coordinator and Minister of Record (MOR) Coordinator
Carol Hull, Part-time Member Support Employment Assistant
Rachel Simpson,  Part-time Special Dispensation Assistant


Areas of responsibility include Unity credentialing of ministers and licensed teachers; and Field Path program support.

Lynn O'Dell, Credentialing Coordinator
Denise Boehm, Administrative Assistant

International Ministries

Areas of responsibility include support for international ministries, Spanish-speaking ministries, international ministry credentialing, and translations.

Claudia Maltos-Young, Manager of International Ministries
Marcela Sarasti, International Ministries Assistant


The Operations team works together to provide a solid internal infrastructure that supports the central office staff and UWM’s purpose. Areas of responsibility include finance, technology, administration, and human resources. If you live in the Kansas City area, we welcome your volunteer assistance in the office. Please contact Celia Holman, 816.434.6813.

Dana Grissom, Director of Operations
James Pycior, Technology Manager
Celia Holman, Administrative Assistant, UWM Board Coordinator
Suzi Goldt, Bookkeeper

Executive Office

Areas of responsibility include the overall directional leadership of the central office staff to accomplish the mission of our association in coordination with the Board of Trustees, ministry teams and the association membership at large and the cultivation of alliances and relationships with other organizations and individuals who support the mission and vision of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Shad Groverland, President/CEO
Cathy Christy, Managing Director

Diana Kennedy, Development and Engagement Coordinator
Toni Boehm, Ministry Consultant & Transition Specialist Trainer (contract)