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Member Services cultivates relationships and a feedback-rich environment with Unity ministries and leaders. Through leading-edge services and resources, we collectively prosper and evolve in spiritual community.

This purpose statement (above) was created by your Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) Member Services team in June 2016. Since June we have been working on embodying this statement in service to the Unity movement.

Our purpose statement begins with a commitment to cultivate relationships and a feedback-rich environment. The word “cultivate” was carefully chosen to describe an intentional process of creating a nurturing environment in which to grow relationships—and such an environment requires a rich web of interconnections in which feedback flows freely. We see this as an ongoing process of connecting with our members (ministries and leaders), listening deeply and working collaboratively with you in the adventure of ministry, and in advancing the movement of shared spiritual awakening.

We are working on reaching out to our members in multiple ways, and we know that relationship is a two-way street. Please take the time to connect with your Member Services team to share ideas or concerns, and also to find out more about the leading-edge services and resources we have available to support you in your ministry.

You may not be aware of all that Member Services has to offer. We are the UWM department that is the key area of expertise and support for our members—both ministries and leaders. (See resource links below.) This includes several broad areas:


Administration & Finance

Includes information about bylaws, policies and procedures, governance, financial management and budgeting, tax reporting, organizational development and best practices for the business of ministry. We can also provide you with information and assistance with major events in ministry such as buying or selling a building, merging with another ministry or making the difficult decision to dissolve a ministry.


Ministry Employment

Assists ministries and ministers in the employment process. It is important that ministries engage with us in the search process to ensure they are hiring qualified ministers who are in good standing with UWM. Our services assist spiritual communities and leaders in engaging collaboratively with one another in every aspect of the employment process from determining your priorities in the selection process, to writing or reviewing resumes, to conducting interviews, to creating contracts that are mutually beneficial.


Ministry Expansion

Supports leaders and small groups in the creation and development of new ministries. This includes more traditional ministries that conduct Sunday services and support members of a spiritual community in their spiritual evolution and in defining and fulfilling a compelling mission. Ministry Expansion also supports alternative ministries that focus services in a more specified way such as: workshops and education, retreats, media and chaplaincy.


Ministry Skills

Is comprised of UWM-trained and certified consultants who facilitate board and leadership trainings and a number of community processes.  These activites assist ministry leaders and members in collaborating with one another and building a thriving organization that empowers shared spiritual awakening and transformation. We also provide transitional consulting services to guide ministries through that special period between ministers.


Youth & Family Ministry

Is a renewed area of service. We are excited to once again provide guidance and support in the creation of dynamic youth and family programs which guide the youngest members of our Unity communities in the discovery and expression of their Divine Essence.


Standards, Ethics, & Competency

These areas are important components for thriving ministries. As the director of member services, I serve the Standards Ministry Team, the Ethics Review Ministry Team, and the Ministry Skills Team, and provide coordination and integration between these teams. If you have questions or concerns about standards, ethics or competency, please get in touch with me so that I can assist you in building and sustaining excellence in your ministry.

Your Member Services team is here to support you, and we desire to continue enhancing our resources and services. I encourage you to connect with us, cultivate relationship with us, and share your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. We are all in this together and through collaboration and open communication, we all thrive and prosper in spiritual community.


Visit www.UnityWorldwideMinistries.org. Click on the dropdown tabs for Ministries or Ministers to see the resources and services we have available to you.

Visit our staff page to connect with folks who can help.


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