Health & Wholeness

Ideas and Support

For Credentialed Leaders and Those Who Love Them from UWM's Health and Wholeness Team

We understand what it's like to serve in ministry, and our passion is your well being:

Physical   Spiritual   Mental   Emotional


Vision Statement

Our Health and Wholeness Team inspires and supports our leaders in serving as wholeness role models in their ministries and in the world.

To carry out our vision:

In addition to this webpage, team activities include a Serenity Room with prayer and holistic practitioners at the Unity People's Convention, and our team's monthly phone conference to inspire one another and come up with additional activities.

You are welcome to join our Health and Wholeness Ministry Team. Read our Purpose Statement and access the sign-up form for this and other ministry teams on UWM's Ministry Teams webpage.

Your requests and comments for our webpage are helpful, appreciated and can be sent to Rev Edith Washington-Woods at


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