Group Health Insurance

Announcement: Group Medical Insurance Open Enrollment Period. If you are on other medical insurance coverage that renews or cancels on December 31, 2019, now is the time to get enrolled in the Unity Group Medical Insurance Program that will be effective for you on January 1, 2020. If you are interested, please contact Suzy Forrester ASAP at or 816-434-6812, so she can get you set up in the online enrollment system. You need to be enrolled by December 13, for your new insurance to go into effect in January.

We are excited to announce that Unity Worldwide Ministries is offering a full medical insurance program to all our ministries’ full-time employees (averaging 30 hours or more weekly), Alternative Ministries, and their dependents. This insurance program will be available in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico. It includes major medical, dental, vision, life, disability, critical illness, and accident insurances.

By offering a group national platform of insurance products, we will be able to offer better and less expensive insurance than you could buy as an individual! To make this program successful, we encourage everyone to seriously consider this program. The more people on the plan, the lower the rates.

Application Details

~Plan Benefits Packet and Application~

Packet above updated November 19, 2019, with updated costs from October for health insurance only. See pdf below.

Health Insurance-Only Rate Change October 2019

Click on the Benefits Packet above for a thorough overview of the plan options and for instructions on applying online.

  • If you did not fill out the initial medical questionnaire (below) in August, you must contact Suzy Forrester at or 816.434.6812. She will need to verify your participation in a Unity ministry into the system before you can apply online. Those wanting only vision, dental, etc. did not have to fill one out in August, so you will need to contact Suzy before applying online.
  • Anyone that is interested in the major medical will be required to fill out a short medical questionnaire. (See below. This was initially requested in August 2019.) If you did not fill the questionnaire out in August and now want to apply for medical coverage, you must fill out the form below.
  • After October 3, 2019, the next enrollment period will be in August 2020, unless you have a qualifying event.
  • You can enroll in any of the plans you choose or none at all. For example, you do not have to choose medical coverage in order to select dental and vision.
  • The premiums will be automatically deducted on a monthly basis.
  • The more people on the plan, the lower the rates!

The medical questionnaire only needs to be filled out if you are applying for medical coverage.
Medical Questionnaire Information and Form (English)

Medical Questionnaire Information and Form (Spanish)

Dialogue Calls

The dialogue call from September 25, 2019, is archived on the Conversations with Unity Leaders webpage. Representatives from Bukaty explained the different plans and other products available by going through the Plan Benefits Packet. (See link above.)

Read the Important Communication, September 19, 2019, with information on the providers selected for the plan.

For more information or questions, contact: