Future Planning 2 Guide

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This is part of our Leadership Development Guides series. This item is free to members of UWM (ministers and ministries). If you are a credentialed leader or ministry, use the member login  for access to free materials. If you need the login, contact info@unity.org or 816.524.7414.

Future Planning 2 builds on the work done in Future Planning 1 Guide and is a primer on what a Future Plan should include. It supports setting your future direction, implementing the plan as a living guiding document, while keeping your vision, mission, core values and action plan alive.

Note: Some steps in this guide may require a trained facilitator (from Unity Worldwide Ministry’s Ministry Development Team which includes our Certified Consultants and Transitional Specialists or a local professional) who can objectively guide your unique congregation through the different phases.   

Available as a download only. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe.com) to open and print the document.  

Note: Be sure to read the download instructions before making a purchase.

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