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Church Copyright Law

Web Vendor for Identity Project

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Q. How do I search for something?

A. Using the site search and the resource library

Use the top search box, just under the Shop /View Cart / Donate / Login line. Key in any word or phrase then press go or hit the enter key. This search will find any web page, product or resource library item on the site. It does NOT search the contents of pdfs.

You may use quotes around a set of words to find that exact phrase, otherwise, the search will find anything matching any word in your phrase.

Click on resource library and use the search box or advanced search to look for or eliminate items only within the resource library. We are adding contents to the resource library frequently, so be sure to visit it often, or suggest additions to us by using the contact us link at the bottom of any page.

Q. What happened to

A. The domain name is jointly held by Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Headquarters at Unity Village.

It is now the portal for the entire Unity movement. The home page contains links to pages on,,  and other sites such as Unity Village and Silent Unity. Much of the content on is intended for the first time visitor or Daily Word reader who may not be involved in a Unity spiritual community. is entirely dedicated to ministries, their leaders and congregants.


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