Evolving Ministry

Evolving Ministry was formerly known as Expansion Alternative Ministry. 

Feel free to contact our Evolving Ministries Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries if you need clarity or have further questions at evolve@unity.org


Start a new Unity Ministry or Study Group

New Unity ministries and groups are a major contribution to the mission of Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) by reaching seekers and Spiritual Truth students in new areas across the country. This can be an exciting and challenging endeavor. Member Services and the Evolving ministry Coordinator at UWM support individuals and/or groups that want to establish a new Unity ministry- either a Unity Study/Seed Group, Unity Evolving Member Ministry, or Unity Evolving Alternative Ministry


Study Groups

These groups meet as independent groups for the purpose of studying and practicing Unity principles. They are not officially affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) (aka Association of Unity Churches, Inc.) and therefore cannot claim such an affiliation. In a community where there is no Unity ministry, such meetings afford Unity students the opportunity to gather together, even though they do not have a credentialed Unity leader in charge. These groups are usually started by someone interested in Unity who knows of others who would like to meet in this common desire. If there is a Unity ministry in a town nearby, the leader of that ministry may be able to help get the group started.

Please contact evolve@unity.org for more information.

Guía Para Grupos No Afiliados (Español)



Unity Evolving Church/Center Ministry

A Unity Church/Center Ministry involves the regular gathering of a congregation or spiritual community in a specified public facility and/or location, as well as a voting membership that includes, but is not limited to, the ministry Board. A Unity Evolving Church/Center Ministry is a ministry that is actively working toward full member status as a Unity Church/Center Ministry. (See Full Ministry Status Requirements)

Unity Evolving Alternative Ministry

In Unity, we acknowledge the many aspects of spiritual ministry and ministries. We recognize that spiritual ministries may be manifested into many other forms and structures. “Alternative Unity Ministries” are formally organized as separate from a traditional ministry. They are led by credentialed Unity leaders who feel called to serve the spiritual needs of people by conveying our Unity message in unique, creative and powerful ways. They have a Steering Team/Board of Directors but usually not other voting membership. (See Full Ministry Status Requirements)

Note: Listings for Alternative Unity Ministries are now in the Find a Church application. To change listing information, please contact info@unity.org

Starting a New Alternative Ministry

Alternative Ministry FAQ

Questions and Help

Please contact evolve@unity.org if you:

  • are interested in starting an evolving member ministry or an alternative ministry and want to explore the idea further.  
  • would like support for an evolving member ministry or an alternative ministry that is already approved.   
  • would like to request an application for an evolving member ministry or an alternative ministry or have questions about your packet prior to submission

Alternative Ministries Connection Calls

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