Ethics Review System Policy and Procedure

Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) holds its members – both ministers and ministries – to high ethical standards which are outlined in our Codes of Ethics.  When an ethical concern arises, it is addressed through our Ethics Review System (ERS) which is committed to a compassionate peer review process that explores what occurred, if there was a breach of ethics, and the path forward to address ethical breaches when they occur.  This version of our ERS policy differs from the previous version in some significant ways:

  • First it reduces the number of levels in our system, making the system less complex and easier to understand.  With the revised policy, a member is either in review, or the case has gone to a Discernment Panel.  
  • Second, the revised policy eliminates the multiple teams that were part of the earlier policy.  This allows us to utilize a smaller team for ERS in which all members of the team are highly trained in all roles within the ERS process.

Click the link below for the most current Ethics Review Policy.

updated 2019