Enlightened Leaders Season 3 DVD/CD Set

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This 3 DVD/1 CD set contains the **third season of the four-year Enlightened Leaders program (see Important Option below). Enlightened Leaders is a revolutionary way to create mission-focused leaders who relate to the opportunities and challenges of ministry while embodying Unity principles. Designed to support credentialed leaders, board members, staff, lay leaders and those moving into leadership in showing up as spiritual leaders expressing their Divine purpose.

The set contains 3 webinars (6 hrs total video) and all the pre- and post-materials that bring the webinar content to life. It's designed to be easily adapted to the specific needs of your spiritual community. Also provided is Doug Krug's Leadership Self-Assessment, a quick self-assessment that recommended for anyone in your spiritual community who is interested in leadership.

Includes: 1 DVD per webinar (3 total) plus 1 CD containing all the pre- and post-material for all three webinars.
Topics and Presenters:


  • The Practical Visionary with Corinne McLaughlin
  • Great Communicators Can Move Mountains with Corey Hansen
  • Visionary Leadership with Dr. Roger Teel

**IMPORTANT OPTION: We have combined the four Enlightened Leaders seasons into a set focusing on leadership development. This set, the Leadership Development Enlightened Leaders Program, contains seven workshops and all supportive materials and is available for $29.95. Check it out!

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