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Transformation Experience—Enlightened Leaders Program

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Designed to support your ministry leadership team

This program is designed to support ministry leadership teams—the minister(s), board members, licensed teachers, key staff and other essential lay leaders. The purpose of the Enlightened Leaders Program (part of the Transformation Experience) is to create mission-focused enlightened leaders who model a way of relating to the opportunities and challenges of ministry that inspires others to share their gifts and abilities in meaningful roles in the life of the church and in service to the community.

Imagine thriving ministries in which all the leaders truly act from a place of enlightened consciousness.

  • They embody and model spiritual principles and core values.
  • They take the time to center in God with a daily spiritual practice that results in a confidence and calmness that permeates everything they do.
  • They live, work and breathe in the moment.

Being an enlightened leader is just that—being. It is not only what these leaders do and how they do it, but the inner source from which they operate. Their leadership comes from within.


Interactive, transformative

This interactive transformative program will develop key leadership dimensions through deepening spiritual practice, developing other leaders, facilitating adaptive work, introducing and leading constructive change, building teams, cultivating organizational integrity and leading from the heart.
Learning events include:

  • Webinars
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Conventions
  • Team surveys
  • Assessment tools
  • Web chat and online tools


An experiential journey

You have the opportunity to engage in an experiential journey of deepening consciousness and leadership capacity with the option of deepening integration and advanced practices. Each season consists of webinar events  followed by integration activities, projects, and experiences. Each event is designed to call forth the highest level of integrity, coherence and capability within the leadership team.

We seek to bring forth the God-given leadership and spiritual potential in everyone involved in our movement, and in those yet to come. Through a focused effort on developing our leaders for this new way of being, together we are a catalyst for the transformation of our movement and our world.

Enlightened Leaders Visionary Statement
Enlightened Leader Dimensions



Enlightened Leaders DVD/CD Sets


You can join over 100 Unity spiritual communities whose leaders are growing in consciousness and learning new leadership practices from some of the best leadership mentors in the country! All the videos and supporting materials from Seasons 3 and 4 are available in an easy-to-use format. Interested?

Season 3 DVD/CD Set, Item #5203 - Course Descriptions/Presenters Information        Purchase - $19.95

New! "Best-of" DVD Set, Leadership Development Enlightened Leaders Program DVDs, #5210      Purchase - $29.95
(Replaces the individual season sets. Contains materials for use with the post-pilot program, post-Enlightened Leaders program, Leadership & Ministry Development Resource Guides.)


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