Embrace Humanity

A Big Thank You to Those Who Joined Us in Our 24-Hour Virtual Prayer Vigil!

“Prayer is not a substitute for action.  It is the silent partner of action.”—Charles Roth

Hundreds of people joined us in prayer on June 26-27, 2020, in support of our African American and Black brothers and sisters. Now what?

Our prayer work continues unceasingly, for out of the stillness comes guidance that will lead to right spiritual action.

We are gathering resources to support the calls for sweeping social change and will be posting them here. We trust that you will continue to pray and move your feet, as the saying goes. We are praying and moving our feet with you.


AGNT Resources

Our partners at the Association of Global New Thought (AGNT) are sharing a number of resources with us. Please look at their offerings and select one that calls to you. Feel free to share these resources with others.

A Prayer for the Wounded Heart of Humanity
We call upon God’s Love in this important moment, knowing that Divine Love is the greatest power in the Universe. We pray for the wounded heart of humanity as we grieve, rage, cry, and despair over injustice and inequity. May Divine Love enfold and comfort everyone who is hurting. May Divine Wisdom guide each person and institution in taking inspired action to ensure that all are celebrated for their inherent goodness as a part of God’s creation. May we remain resolute in walking the course of human rights and social justice for all. We pray in the spirit of unity, love, and oneness. Amen.
The prayer vigil was jointly sponsored by Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village.