EC Curriculum - Life

Welcome to the EarthCare Module on "Life."
Life is precious and miraculous. It is invisible and yet omnipresent, a creative force that courses through each of us and all of nature. As advanced as science is becoming, it cannot explain how life sparks into being. Life just is. Life as a spiritual principle and power goes far beyond physical bodies, certainly far beyond a human body.  Unlike a body, the true faculty of life has no finite existence. Spiritual life involves creative expression, growth, extension of love. It is the divine presence expressing through and as us.  This divine presence expresses through all beings, all creation. We share this planet with a profound profusion of life.  
Unit Focus: The Unity spiritual power of Life is about vitality, regeneration, creation, and it is magnificently displayed in Nature and the totality of Creation. In this module we focus on the spiritual POWER OF LIFE and how it relates to and is enhanced by nature and Earthcare. 
Unit Learning Objectives
By the end of this module learners will be able to:
  • Demonstrate understanding of life as a spiritual principle.
  • Identify links between life as spiritual principle and the life force in nature in ways that can benefit Unity teachings.
  • Integrate the spiritual principle of life into Unity services and teachings. 


I am the power of Divine Life to create change for the betterment of all creation. 


Oh Divine Life that is creating me now,  I release my fears, my views, my needs. I am open. I am receptive. I receive this precious gift of life. I am energized to thrive as life, as love, as wisdom. I pray I become an instrument for the power of divine life, for the greater good of all. 


“There is no absence of life, substance, or intelligence anywhere.” (Dr. H. Emily Cady, Lessons In Truth)
I am alive. I am evidence of the Universal power to create life. I am life that is intelligent and has the ability to self-reflect and make choices about what rules my consciousness and therefore my life. My species has created the technology to be globally aware–our eyes reach into the cosmos and we have created a communication neural network across the planet, and into the earth itself where we notice trees sending food to other trees in distress. I am, and we are, increasingly a point of conscious awareness in all creation sensitive to an intelligent design that is creative and designed for life to thrive–capable of making choices that are for the greater good of all creation.
From a spiritual perspective we have all that we require to meet our challenges, day by day. The source of all life, that which we call God, or Allah, or Jehovah, or Principle–is conceptualized in mind, and can be realized as the power of the mind. The mind produces ideas that are life changing, life giving, and therefore life transforming for all. We humans are not random objects of creation at the whim of storms, fear and despair. We are designed to live our greatest capacity; life is our power to be true to life just as surely as the acorn is true to its life force to grow the mighty oak.  
Starting today I can address unconscious, uneducated, compulsions within myself to have more, get more. Centered in an awareness of the power of Life to thrive, I make choices that reduce consumption and increase care for creation. I work in communion with life and others to create profound change for the betterment of all.  
When I hear fear based views or polarizing arguments, I share personal and global stories of the power of life happening now benefiting all.
When I feel despair and complacency related to the destruction of people, habitats, and species, I renounce that fear has power over me and affirm that Divine Life is the power that I am given. ( 2 Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.) 
I may see diminished eco-systems, but the power of Divine Life expressing as me, and through me, cannot be diminished. I do what I can with a resolute conviction to live the power of Life. I trust in the power of Life and I am trustworthy to work with the power of Life, for the life of all.  ~ Kathy Harwood-Long

Sunday Talk


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Self-Directed MicroLearning


Content by Rev. Cylvia Hayes

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Youth Lesson

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Thought to be extinct for 30 years, the Starry Night Harlequin Toad is thriving in Colombia due to a resurgence of indigenous agriculture and land-use practices. The lifecycle of the toad helps local people plan the timing of their crops.
For more information and to celebrate the Starry Night Harlequin Toad, click here:


Rights of Nature
An exciting development in the movement to protect the diversity of life on our planet is the Rights of Nature efforts. Countries and communities around the globe are beginning to grant legal rights to rivers, mountains, etc. as a way of putting the well-being of nature more directly into consideration when mining, construction, etc. may be being considered.  Link
The Song of Life; Native American Wisdom. Exley, Helen.Conari Press, 2010
Filled with a great variety of short quotes from indigenous people that can easily be used for talks.
Devotions; the Selected Poems of Mary Oliver. Oliver, Mary.  Penguin, 2017.  
Much of Mary Oliver’s poetry celebrates her lifelong love of the natural world as expressed in numerous poems.
Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered.  Wright, Machaelle Small.  Perelandra Press, 1997.  She lives in a world of harmony and compassionate living with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.  The title says it all.
The Year Earth Changed is a powerful documentary narrated by David Attenborough that shows how fast nature can heal if we change the way we humans run our economy and travel.  He has many films that celebrate life, many available from BBC ( that are generally free to non-profits for screening.
Renewal  Link.  A beautiful and inspiring film about many different kinds of faith groups working to make a difference regarding the Earth.
One Life. This film's highest achievement is its emphasis on the connection between humans and every living animal on the plane.
TRANSCEND is a publication written by EarthCare team member Cylvia Hayes that is written for people who want raised consciousness, economic system change, and a world that works better for all beings.