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Leaders Forum

A Virtual Meeting Space

Join your peers in our Leaders Forum, an area just for you. Ministers, licensed Unity teachers, home office staff members, regional staff, music directors and others with close ties to our Unity community will have access to this platform for sharing information. You will be able to update or remove your own information and collaborate with colleagues in peer groups.

This feature is opt-in. If you would like to participate, please send an email to If you use this link, the email will be prepared for you. You should select only groups you are qualified to belong to. For example, you must be an ordained Unity minister to belong to the minister's group.

We will add groups from time to time, so feel free to make suggestions. Send to

Where is the Directory? Due to its ever-changing nature, we are no longer maintaining a printed directory. You can find a colleague serving a ministry by searching within Find a Ministry.

People & Places, lists changes within ministries, the newly ordained, the newest ministries and those Unity notables who have made their transitions.