Bylaws Template for a Unity Ministry

This bylaws template was created by the Bylaws Ministry Team comprised of Unity ministers with expertise in bylaws and incorporates deep experience in effective governance practices for ministry. We invite you to work collaboratively with UWM’s Ministry Development Team in using this template to develop bylaws that serve and support your ministry in effective governance and the ability to work with us in awakening and transforming our world.

The process involves a team of people (four is a good number). Plan on 10-12 weeks to do this comfortably, meeting once a week. Assign a scribe to edit as the team discusses and deliberates each section.

Review each section of the template compared to your current ministry bylaws. Write down or email us at with questions as you go.

Once your revisions are complete, send the proposed bylaws to the Ministry Development Team for review. We can make sure that you haven’t missed something important. Following the UWM Ministry Development Team review, consider the suggestions and clarifications provided.  

Next, schedule a membership meeting or include voting in the proposed bylaws on your annual meeting agenda. Share the proposed bylaws with the membership. (Electronically is best.)

Offer one or two Q&A sessions before the vote where members can ask questions. (Edit as necessary.) Then notify your active voting membership to come together to vote on the proposed bylaws. Vote and sign into action your newly approved bylaws. Celebrate a job well done!