Business Meeting

Our business meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 28, beginning at 9:00 AM Central Time to noon both in-person (Cottonwood Ballroom) and online using Zoom. Attendance for our business meeting is free so be sure, even if you will be attending virtually, to sign up online so that you will receive a Zoom login the day of the meeting.


Please access the full UWM business meeting information which includes -- (1) Annual Convention Information, (2) Proposed Standing Rules, (3) Business Meeting Agenda(4) 2022 Business Meeting Minutes(5) Nominees for UWM Board and Leadership, Recruitment & Development Team (LRDT) (see information below), (6) Financial Reports, (7) Membership Model Policy and video& UWM Bylaw Amendments for the Membership Model, and (8) UWM Bylaw Amendments to separate the business meeting from the annual convention. All information will also be posted on the WHOVA app.

We have a connection dialogue call scheduled for Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 2:00 PM Central Time to address the Membership Model Policy and any questions you may have about the model. To join us on this call, visit this link.
Your participation and engagement allow Unity Worldwide Ministries to better serve and support you, our Unity family, in efforts to create thriving ministries in the modern world. We love and bless each of you and welcome you to join us at the convention this June. 
Candidates running for the Leadership Development and Recruitment Team (LRDT)
The Leadership, Recruitment, & Development Team (LRDT) has selected candidates for the UWM Board of Trustees and the LRDT. There are three open positions on the UWM Board and two on LRDT. The conference body will select two candidates to the board and the UWM Board will select one candidate prior to the business meeting scheduled on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. From the UWM Bylaws (Section 4. Nominations by Petition) “The names of all persons nominated for election as a trustee by the LRDT shall be sent to all members of Unity Worldwide Ministries by March 30 each year.Thereafter nominations may also be made by petition signed by at least ten (10) members of Unity Worldwide Ministries and submitted to Unity Worldwide Ministries’ headquarters no later than April 30 prior to the convening of the annual convention body business meeting. Petitions must include a statement of the nominee’s qualifications for membership on the board. No nominations shall thereafter be in order from the floor.”
Carla Palmer – Licensed Unity Teacher
Deni Ralston – Licensed Unity Teacher
Rev. Jackie Hawkins – Unity Minister
Join us for a live "Meet the Candidates Session" on Zoom, Wednesday, June 21, from 2:00 - 3:00 pm Central. Zoom link will be posted in June.
Watch a video of our LRDT Candidates.
Candidates running for the Board of Trustees 
Rev. Russell Heiland – Unity Minister
Rev. Valerie Mansfield – Unity Minister
Miranda Baker – Certified Spiritual Educator
Rev. Kyra Baehr – Unity Minister
Rev. Roxanne Graves – Unity Minister
Delegate Letters
If you are registered for convention, the business meeting is already included in your registration. Those attending online, or coming only for the business meeting will need to purchase their free ticket here. Non-Unity-minister (lay) voting delegates need to have their delegate letters in by June 10, 2023. No late entries will be accepted. Read the details about lay delegate letter requirements. We look forward to you joining us and your Unity colleagues!  

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