Branding Ministry Licensing Agreement


This page outlines what is included in the Unity Branding Program and the requirements for ministry participation. To join the program as a ministry, submit the "Branding Ministry Licensing Agreement.pdf" document at the bottom of this page. For complete instructions on how ministers can join click here.


Additional Relevant Information

Copyrighted and trademarked materials

In order to protect the copyrighted and trademarked intellectual property associated with our Unity Brandin Program, Unity Worldwide Ministries (aka the Association of Unity Churches) and Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village (aka Unity School) created a jointly-owned service organization. This service organization owns this intellectual property which includes logos, print materials, and web templates.

The trademark also protects individuals and Unity communities participating in the Unity Branding Program by preventing unaffiliated churches and groups from using our registered trademark.

Only by consistent use can we retain the legal right to control the quality and nature of the use of these trademarks, thus benefiting the entire movement. Therefore, to remain in integrity with legal requirements, the “Unity” plus designator logo must be represented and used as provided by Unity Worldwide Ministries. This is consistent with all proven practices of brand recognition and because the logo and the name are trademarked.

Although we do strongly recommend that centers and individuals adopt and implement the brand identity materials as developed and created by Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village, we realize the need for centers to express their own identity in the process. To that end, we have created materials with built-in flexibility to accommodate this need.


Requirements for Participation

There are several requirements for participating in this project:

  • A ministry or minister must be in good standing
  • The ministry must be led by a Unity credentialed leader (or a leader who is actively pursuing Unity credentialing)
    OR meet additional requirements outlined in Ministry Licensing Agreement.


Once a ministry or minister decides to participate, follow the process below.

  1. Fill in and submit the entire Ministry License (below) including:
        a. Ministry/Minister License
        b. Contact Sheet
  2. Send the completed forms to the Branding Coordinator c/o Unity Worldwide Ministries at 400 Unity Circle North, Suite A, Lees Summit, MO 64086, send via secure file upload, or scan and email to


Benefits to your ministry

To see many of the benefits of branding and additional information, visit our Unity Branding Program page.

We welcome you to an exciting chapter in Unity’s history. One that we believe will make Unity a household name.

For more information, contact:
Michael Perrie
Unity Worldwide Ministries