Book Review: Attract the Love of Your Life

Attract the Love of Your Life: The Four Crucial Points of Clarity for Practical Manifestation
Written by Rev Evelyn Foreman, Review by Rev Diana Kennedy

Are you ready for your soulmate?

As a single woman who is open and ready to manifesting a life partner and soulmate, I was eager to glean wisdom from Rev Evelyn Foreman’s new book! Attract the Love of Your Life is a sweet and easy read. This book will prepare those who are seeking to attract the relationship of a lifetime, to create deep and lasting love.

The subtitle, “The Four Crucial Points for Practical Manifestation,” speaks to the core of the message of the book which takes the reader on a deep exploratory journey of his or her inner world. The crucial points that Evelyn shares—getting clear about who you are, gaining clarity about what you want, getting focused about who you want to spend your life with—all support the final crucial point which is allowing the Universe to bring you the love of your life.

What really stands out to me about Evelyn’s story, which she tells in her book, is that Evelyn actually went through some tough times dating and had given up on ever finding true love. Evelyn finally surrendered all to God and let the Universe direct her path. Her personal experience in giving up and then ultimately meeting and marrying her soul mate helped her to gain the wisdom and credibility to teach others how to do the same.

Through telling her personal story and by sharing helpful quotes and poetry, Evelyn’s path of deep inner work is revealed.

Evelyn speaks to the introspection she went through on her path in these passages about self-reflection:

Being honest requires courage.”This comes with authenticity and ownership, taking responsibility for how our lives have turned out. And despite everything, to have hope and faith as companions, knowing that we have the power to change our life, simply by a shift in our thoughts. Those who do not want to live an authentic life that is loyal to their soul will not resonate with the ideas in this book.”

And …

“There is something to be said about self-honesty. It is a sign of intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity.”

Passages like this in Evelyn’s book let the reader know exactly how she stopped getting in her own way and instead learned to let God show her the way to her soul mate. Evelyn’s life story truly demonstrates what she is teaching!

Another gift that Attract the Love of Your Life: The Four Crucial Points of Clarity for Practical Manifestation offers is the author’s heart-to-heart connection with her readers. Evelyn truly “knows” matters of the heart and speaks to the topic in a way that will support those seeking a life mate to feel a sense of peace that they too can become spiritually and ideally paired up with their lifetime mate. Evelyn invites her readers to join her on a path of presence where they will have the opportunity to “awaken to the soul’s glory.”

If you’ve been frustrated by dating and would like to attract a spiritual life partner, pick up this gem of a book and follow in the footsteps that Evelyn puts forth. I certainly am looking forward to putting this process into practice in my own life and I can’t wait to share the results!

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