Bellingham WA Minister

Posted 2/17/2021

Unity Spiritual Center        
1095 Telegraph Rd
Bellingham WA 98228

Category: Minister Full-Time
Average Sunday Attendance: 45-88
Salary: -$40,000-50,000 
Moving Expenses Paid: up to $2000


The community of our church is just waiting for the right person to help it grow and nurture it back into good spiritual health.
There are many open-minded and progressive people unattached to a church or center who just need to have it shown to them. We can be that place where everybody comes to be a part of something special. We just need the leader to get us there.

The minister we are looking for wants to join our community in creating a greater spiritual family based on Unity Principles of healthy, happy, God-loving values. We desire to work with this special someone who inspires to bring more youth to our congregation, someone who understands that love and gratitude are the foundation of a spiritual practice, and someone who connects easily with all types of people and makes everyone feel comfortable.

The community of Bellingham and our Unity Community feel like we are on the cusp of being a major part of the shift that is coming towards love and peace in the world. Recognizing this, we are looking for that special person who sees our vision, our passion,
and desires to nurture and grow our congregation.

Please provide a DVD and/or link to a recording. Thank you.

To apply, contact Rev Carrie Kenyon,, or Diane Pletcher,

Church Packet
The contact information and financials will be sent upon request to qualified applicants.