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The Light of God Expressing in Unity Award

Rev. Norma Iris Rosado

In the year 1987, Norma Iris Rosado established a school for licensing Unity teachers in Puerto Rico. It is from that school that most of the Unity Spanish speaking licensed teachers and ministers have been graduated.

In the year 1989, when her husband the Rev. Luis Montero died, Norma Iris became the sole minister for that church. She grew the church from one Sunday service with an attendance of 300 or 350 hundred people to three services with 1,000 people on a weekly basis. With the assistance and urge of Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, Norma created what is still the only English Unity Church in Puerto Rico.

In 1990 Norma was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Unity Churches. From 1996 to 1997 she served as President and Chair of the Board of the Association of Unity Churches.

Norma left Puerto Rico and joined Unity School as International Director for the Spanish speaking Unity Movement in 1998. Currently she is the senior minister of Iglesia Unity Dorado in Puerto Rico.

 Norma Iris is a well-known minister, lecturer, and motivational speaker in the Unity Movement. As a speaker she has visited 23 states and 15 countries including Cuba and Russia.

When asked about her purpose in life, Norma’s answer has always been: "I am a minister of God; my purpose is, to serve God, myself and humankind.


The Charles Fillmore Award

Rev. David McClure

Born in Ontario in 1937, David McClure was introduced to Unity tenets by his parents when he was 6 years old. He attended Ryerson University in Toronto in the late 1950s and entered Ministerial School at Unity Village, Missouri, in 1960 and was ordained in 1963.

His first ministry was in Vancouver, British Columbia. Later that year, he took a ministry job in Australia. Sailing Down Under on a freighter took more than seven months. There, he established congregations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, as well as Christ Church and Auckland, New Zealand.

David arrived in Spokane for his first ministry in 1975, staying until 1983. During that time, he married his second wife, the Rev. Donna McClure. She is a chaplain for Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Providence Holy Family Hospital, among other duties.

That period saw the start of a popular universal Easter Sunday service for the community at what is now the INB Performing Arts Center through what was then called the Unity Church of Truth in Spokane.

The couple left Spokane for ministries in Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Dallas, and also ran a bed-and-breakfast in Santa Fe during a sabbatical.
They returned to Spokane in 2009, planning to retire, but David McClure was invited to resume his position as senior minister during a period of transition at the church.

David served as President of the Association of Unity Churches in 1980 and has served on many Association teams and committees over the years.

Said McClure, “We are chips off the divine block.”


The Myrtle Fillmore Award

Rev. Judy Grimes

Judy Grimes’ service to Unity Worldwide Ministries began in 1965 at Unity of Hawaii. She was a Sunday School teacher and later became Youth Education Consultant for the Great Lakes and Northwest Regions.

Ordained in 1984, Judy has served ministries in Seattle, Maui, Santa Barbara and Traverse City along with five years as Chair of Ministry Studies (MEP) 1985 to 1990.

Judy served on five different ministry teams and also served two terms on the Association of Unity Churches Board of Trustees.

Since her retirement she has served the Great Lakes Region as Judicatory Rep. and Regional Rep, UUMS on L & O, and UWM on Credentialing, Ethics Review, LRDT, and as a Ministry Skills Consultant.
“Through the years there were many times I've stepped forward and said "Yes," when I wasn't sure I was qualified, but figured Spirit knew. I was called and "Yes," I answered. I have never been sorry for any of these assignments as I do the work for God and our Unity to the best of my ability.” says Judy.


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