Audio Video Templeton Grants

Matching Audio Video Sub-Grants Offered Again in the Spring of 2021

Unity Worldwide Ministries is offering Audio Video Sub-Grants (50% matching, up to $7,500) to qualified Unity Ministries. These funds are made possible by the John Templeton Foundation and provide financial support in developing audio video recordings which build awareness and interest in Unity teachings and Unity ministries. Grant applications for the current round opened in April and closed June 30, 2020. All applicants have been notified of their ministries grant status. If you would like to be considered for a sub-grant for your ministry, please review the grant criteria below. If you have any further questions about the process, please email Rev. Diana Kennedy at or call her at 816-434-6814. 

Evaluation Criteria

In order for Unity ministries to disseminate powerful Unity teachings through YouTube and their websites, Unity spiritual communities will need to purchase quality AV equipment and software. This will enable our ministries to provide podcasts of their services. Unity ministries may also choose to livestream their services. Matching grants awarded are based on the AV system that the ministry is installing.

Ministries applying must already have a sound system (or be ready to purchase one), and must have been recording audio or audio/video for a minimum of one year. Ministries need to have a website which they have the capacity to maintain, a broadband internet connection with appropriate upload speed and an employee, or committed volunteers, with computer and AV skills. The grant would support acquisition of a computer sufficient to record a service, cabling to connect computer and sound system, and one year of professional support. Support would include a review of current equipment, recommendations on an AV prioritized budget, sharing of best practices around church podcasting, and other ongoing support as needed.

All ministries supported by the grants for audio and video recording would be required to attach a specific trailer to their podcasts and commit to survey listeners/viewers to determine whether (and if so, how) the podcasts had made a difference in their lives. Unity Worldwide Ministries is supporting this process by creating the survey and providing links to the ministries so that they may survey their listeners.

Unity Worldwide Ministries will evaluate grant applications based on the following criteria:

  • Ministry must be in good standing and in the UWM branding program
  • Ministry must have a clear vision for AV Podcasting and have trained personnel
  • Ministry must be able to demonstrate need and readiness for the next level of audio video podcasting
  • Ministry must show Financial stability to maintain the AV program into the future
  • Ministry must fully complete grant application form and answer any pertinent questions
  • Ministry must submit a P/L and Balance Sheet that demostrates financial viability of this program

Unity Worldwide Ministries review team will consider the above when selecting awarded ministries. Awardees will be drawn from qualified ministries. The number of ministries awarded will align with the amount budgeted to matching grants for that time period. Those not receiving a grant may be reconsidered in the next request period.

Matching Grant Application

Topics covered during the application process include:

  • Current Ministry Practices: Does your ministry currently record services and if so, audio only, video only, or both? Does your ministry provide livestream of its services? Internal broadcast (i.e. to a nursery or overflow room)? What is your output resolution (i.e.: Standard Definition, High Definition, etc.)?
  • Equipment: List all AV equipment that your ministry currently owns and state what the make/model and year: microphones, soundboard, camera(s), camera signal cabling, remote zoom, video capture cards, tilt and pivot bases, camera control cabling, white balance target, tripod(s), computer, AGP or PCI Express video card, software, video switching equipment, operating system of any computers used directly in video production (Windows, Mac, Linux), and technician intercom system.
  • Services: Does your ministry have broadband internet and if so, what is your bandwidth download and upload?  Do you use a 3G/4G/4LTE over phone hotspot to stream or provide internet service to your ministry? Do you have an aux feed from soundboard?  Does your ministry have a streaming provider or hosting? What else is needed to support your ministry's current program?
  • Personnel: Do you have individuals in your ministry that are willing and able to serve as: a computer operator, a camera operator, a sound mixer for the Web, a sound technician for the service and PowerPoint, a technical engineer? Indicate if these are separate individuals and how frequently they are willing to participate.

Please gather the below information to prepare your Sub-Grant application

  • Contact information for your spiritual leader or minster, and for the technical contact for this project
  • Email address for communication regarding this grant. (Must be actively monitored up to 2023 so that we may communicate with you regarding your results.)
  • Is your ministry participating in the Unity Identity Branding Program or are you willing to join?
  • Are you a part-time or full-time ministry?
  • Does your ministry currently have a website? If yes:
    • URL/web address:
    • Website host (provides hosting services?):
    • Have you established Google Analytics on your site to track site traffic?
    • What is your average monthly site sessions over the last four months for your current web site?
    • Is someone dedicated to maintaining your website? If yes, name and contact info:
    • Are they paid staff or volunteer?
    • What are their qualifications or experience with managing a website?
    • Is your spiritual leader able to access and maintain your site?
  • Why do you want to offer audio/video podcasting? What is your vision?
  • What can your ministry contribute to creating Audio Video Podcasting in terms of financial resources and workhours?
  • How do you see that Audio Video Podcasting will benefit your ministry?
  • Do you have personnel willing and able to run a computer, video camera, sound mixer, etc., and what level of support do they offer?
  • Please provide details on hardware and equipment (listed above) that you already have in place in your ministry.
  • Is your ministry in a financially sound position to maintain the Audio Video work implemented through this grant?
  • You will need to provide financial information about your ministry

Access Grant Application Form

In order to save the grant application to your computer and fill it out, please click on "Access Grant Application Form" and save it your computer. After typing in your responses and saving the document to your computer, please email it to Rev. Diana Kennedy at before midnight of the grant deadline date. Do not save your application as as PDF. Note: You will also need to attach a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet in order to be considered.

Grant applications will be evaluated shortly after each grant application deadline period. During this time, UWM may reach out to your ministry for further information. The ministries selected to receive an Audio Video Sub-Grant in Summer 2020 will be notified the first week of August, 2020. All other ministries who apply will be notified by August 15, 2020. Future application deadlines will be announced in 2021.