Annual Report for Ministries

This page discusses the annual report form and process for Unity ministries. There  is one form for all Unity ministries.

The Annual Ministry Report serves a number of purposes, all of which can benefit you and your ministry.

  • Your ministry is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries’ filing with the IRS. This maintains your not-for-profit status. We must have your ministries Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) number to include your ministry in the report.

  • Your attendance and finance numbers help us to formulate demographics for the ministries in the US and Canada. This allows us to spot trends in growth and determine how best to support you.

  • Your youth ministry and program information allows us to determine what products we need to produce and in what quantities.

  • Your statistics give us figures to use when we apply for grants to fund specific projects.

  • By sharing overall statistics, your ministry can determine where you are in your growth compared to other ministries, and where you might want to place your focus.

  • Your entry in the web Find a Ministry and Map online application is updated.

Frequently asked questions:

I have several numbers from various government offices, which is the EIN number?
Your Employer Identification Number (EIN) is the one you use to report payment of salary or contract payments on a W2 or 1099. It is in the format of xx-xxxxxxx. It is not 44-0668175. If you are using this number, you should stop. It is Unity Worldwide Ministries’ number and should not be used for reporting your payroll. It is also not a social security number. (xxx-xx-xxxx)

The form looks different. Why?
Out newly updated form allows for ease and efficiency.

Why do we need to file by March 31 when our fiscal year is June 30?
We need to have a standard filing date to facilitate the data entry necessary to complete the IRS filing in late spring.

We have our own 501c3 not-for-profit number so why do we need to complete the report?
Your statistics, including financial data, are very important to us in calculating overall demographics of our ministries.

Does anyone else see our information?
The information contained in your specific report does not leave our offices. We share only overall figures with our Unity community, and your ministry’s name, address and EIN with the IRS.


Annual Report Form