Academic Demonstration

An Approved Academic Demonstration is required for those applicants without a Bachelor's Degree who wish to apply for a Unity Ministry Ordination Path.

The Academic Demonstration Application must be completed and approved before applying to any Unity Ministry Ordination Path program.


Before submitting  an application for an Academic Demonstration you must complete:

  • One college level English Composition class,
  • One college level Research and Study Skills course.
  • A Minimum of eight* 10-hour SEE classes (80 hours) from the following list:, including two required SEE courses from each category (Bible Studies & Skills, Metaphysical Studies & Skills, Prayer Studies & Skills, Unity History/Healing). *minimum for the 2017 ministerial application cycle only, new minimum of 12 to take effect in January of 2018.
    • Biblical Studies and Skills:
      The Christ 
      Jesus' Teachings
      Bible Interpretation: Hebrew scriptures
    • Metaphysical Studies and Skills:
      Metaphysics 1
      Metaphysics 2
      Metaphysics 3
    • Metaphysics 4
      Healing and Wholeness Part One
      Twelve Powers
      Lessons in Truth
    • Prayer and History:
      Unity of Prayer
      Development of the Unity Movement


For more information regarding these classes, go to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's website or UWSI's SEE webpage  or contact