One Convention, Many Stories

What do Unity People's Convention attendees gain from attending? Read the stories of past attendees below.


Connect at Convention

by Rev. Juan del Hierro, Associate Minister, Unity on the Bay, Miami, Florida

Ministry can be lonely. While as ministers we serve people constantly, it can be professionally isolating on a day-to-day basis. We don’t see or interact with other ministers all that often. This connection with colleagues is why I so look forward to being at convention every year. Read More


Global Connections

by Rev. Vicki Vanderhorst, Unity Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada

We are a worldwide global movement and most of the time, I only see and interact with Unity folks in my “neighbourhood.” For me that is a small area on Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia. I can only imagine how isolated our Unity brothers and sisters around the globe feel. Our small ministry has prayer partners in Nigeria, and one of the highlights of my convention experience is the little windows of time we take to find each other and share face-to-face, heart-to-heart. Read More



by Rev. Bill Worth, Retired Minister, Maui, Hawaii

My perfect retirement job manifested while at convention. Read more to find out how attending convention can result in the most amazing synchronicities!



Connecting Creatively

by Rev. Sharon Ketchum, Minister, Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing, Michigan; Chair, UWM Board of Trustees

As ministers, we are often told to “fill our cups,” yet somehow in the business of day-to-day church, family, and life in general, my cup can get pretty empty. I love that once a year I can make a mandatory “fill my cup” experience since attending convention is part of my contract with the ministry. Read More


Come Home: My First Convention

by Rev. Roxanne Buckle, Executive Director of Marketing, UWM

One of my fondest memories of convention was my first time attending, ten years ago. It has forever impacted my experience of this annual event and my appreciation for the many wonderful, welcoming souls in the Unity movement. Read More