Youth and Family Resources

Resources for starting and restarting a thriving youth ministry

Our Youth and Family Ministry brochure provides an overview of the areas of service we provide. More resources are referenced below.

Starting or enhancing a youth ministry program?

You can create a program that goes beyond Sunday school and is sustainable over the years by building a strong foundation through vision, Unity principles and sound administrative practices. The following resources will help guide you in creating a thriving youth ministry:

  • Establishing safety protocols is of the utmost importance in a youth ministry program.
  • Youth and Family Ministry Guide. This is the bible for setting up, running and growing an exciting youth program.
  • The new Teen Ministry Manual offers information on the unique needs of teens.
  • Gain an understanding of Unity Worldwide Ministries’ educational Living Curriculum philosophy and get help choosing curriculm.
  • Youth ministry assessment 
  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Regional Support - Unity ministries in the United States are divided into seven regions. In each region, educational consultants support and enrich spiritual development of youth and those who serve them.
  • The best way to have a Unity-based, vibrant, safe educational environment for your children and teens is to have trained youth and family directors, teachers — and ministers. Check out all of the training opportunities available. 


Starting a Uniteen group?

Uniteens (11-13 years)

Uniteen groups usually meet each Sunday in Unity churches to explore spiritual truths. They provide a safe place for youth in their preteen years (middle school) to connect with others and explore what they believe. Most groups meet for social outings to socialize and develop healthy relationships. Some regions offer weekend Uniteen retreats (Unitreats) that facilitate spiritual exploration.

Resources, including Uniteen Leadership Team Roles and Responsibilities, the Teen Ministry Guide, and regional information will set the foundation for getting you started in teen ministry.


Starting a YOU chapter?

Youth of Unity, ages 14–18

Youth of Unity (YOU) is an active teen ministry for high school students, ages 14–18. Teens usually gather on Sunday to explore and discover spiritual truths and learn how these truths relate to their lives. Most chapters meet at other times to do service in their church community, have a social event, or attend regional or international events.

Resources, including Sponsor Roles, the Teen Ministry Guide, and regional information will set the foundation for getting you started in teen ministry.
Visit IYOU on Facebook. Learn more about the Youth of Unity program.


For additional resources

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Certified Spiritual Educator training will boost your effectiveness and mastery in the classroom. It is the first-level of certification for those serving the youth of our Unity movement.

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